Apr 26


Underwood Hills Community Survey Results

By: Heather Sheets, UHNA President

Last Spring, the UHNA conducted a Survey Monkey Neighborhood Community Research study to align on your needs, wants and opportunities for improvements. While these results were shared in one of our Quarterly UHNA General Meeting, we wanted to share the information and feedback we received from each of you in more detail.

We received 80 unique responses to the survey. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond! The complete results are published here. Although the responses represent a relatively small sample size, and over 70% of the respondents have lived in the neighborhood 4+years.

While minimal feedback was received, the survey results confirmed the UHNA Steering Committee is indeed focused on the issues perceived as most important by the majority of the community; however, I believe the results also indicate:

  • We need to continue our focus and efforts around traffic & safety, educate and inform the neighborhood with consistent updates from both our Security Patrol and our Police Force;
  • Specifically, in terms of development in and around the area, we need to continue to collaborate with the surrounding businesses and apartment complexes to help address our traffic, safety and beautification needs;
  • We need to do a better job educating you about the roles and responsibilities of the UHNA and continue to aggressively staff our council to ensure we can handle the neighborhood concerns that may arise as our area continues to grow and develop. Roughly 24% of you feel we do not have enough power to make our concerns heard by the City;
  • Most people recognize that maintaining the character of the neighborhood (which is what attracts people/enhances property values to begin with) is important, but many voiced a desire for additional ways we can maintain the beauty of the entrances, formalize the entrances and uphold higher standards for overall cleanliness;
  • You’ve also requested additional social events that expand beyond what we do to support families, and
  • The majority of you feel that a combination of membership fees, sponsorships and fundraisers are all excellent ways that we can continue to source funding the UHNA and our efforts on behalf of the Neighborhood.

Thank you for your feedback, as this helps to influence and guide the needs of you the neighbors and what collectively we need to focus on as a neighborhood organization this year.

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