Enlarge E. Rivers & Keep Us Together – The LSC and PTA will reiterate to APS and the demographers that we support our original message: Enlarge E. Rivers and keep the community together. For detail, see the letter from PTA and LSC leadership (posted on our neighborhood website).

Importance of Feedback to Demographers/APS – In this ongoing process it will be crucial for E. Rivers families to provide feedback to the demographers and APS. We can do so in three key ways:

  • Write/email directly to our APS board members and elected officials
  • Respond the APS survey (link to come)
  • Speak to APS board members and elected officials

We will provide addresses and links in a separate document.

Participation from all Neighborhoods – A total of approximately sixty (60) people were present, and they represented almost all the neighborhoods that attend E. Rivers. Some attendees chose not to sign in; those who signed in self-identified as coming from:

  • Brookwood – 1
  • Brookwood Hills – 5
  • Collier Hills – 8
  • E. Rivers Faculty – 3
  • Loring Heights – 6
  • Peachtree Hills – 9
  • Peachtree Road/Haynes Manor – 2
  • Underwood Hills – 11

Leadership Presence – Rivers’ PTA co-presidents Kelly Hunt and Elise Lowry attended, as well as several o f the officers-elect for the 2013-2014 school year. Our Local School Council Representatives Joleen Neel, Kim Moriarty, and Mark Wickliffe spoke about how we can best advocate for E. Rivers.

Format – Cris Krachon and Joleen Neel presented an overview of the maps for options A & B. General discussion followed, and our LSC representatives answered questions. The meeting concluded with participants providing written feedback on the pros/cons of the “Enlarge E. Rivers & Keep Us Together” stance. Feedback was overwhelmingly in support of the “Enlarge E. Rivers & Keep Us Together” stance.