Play Group

Underwood Hills Play Group is one of the many things that makes our neighborhood wonderful. Play Group brings parents and children together for fun, friendship and seasonal celebrations. Play Group has created countless friendships among both parents and the children.

What Does Underwood Hills Play Group Do?

  • Meet weekly at the park on Fridays. During nice weather, we meet at Underwood Hills Park on Fridays from 4:00 – 6:00pm. All ages are welcome.
  • Host seasonal parties. Our parties are a wonderful tradition that brings neighbors together to celebrate events throughout the year.  Our staple parties every year include our Easter Egg Hunt and Halloween Party.
  • Play Group has grown greatly, but subsets of moms have formed various Mom’s Night Out. Play Group moms recognize the importance of building friendships among themselves.  MNO events have included jewelry making and crafting, game nights, sporting events, and dinners out.
  • Support neighbors during challenges. When an Underwood Hills family experiences a challenge, Play Group rallies to support that family with food and good wishes.

How Can I Get Involved with Play Group?

Join Us! If you’d like to participate in Play Group activities, please join us! During the school year, meet us at the park.  Play Group dates are announced “in real time” on the Underwood Hills Nextdoor site, but you’ll frequently find folks gathered at the park from 4-6PM on Fridays when the weather is nice.

Become a member. We ask that each family contribute $20.00 toward the seasonal parties.

How Did Underwood Hills Play Group Start?

Underwood Hills Play Group began in 1996 when Liz Jacobs and a few other new mothers began meeting informally. Back then, there were not many children in the neighborhood, and Play Group was small. Today, there are over 100 families who participate.

When we first began, we met at the home of a different member each week. Our numbers outgrew a single house, so we now meet at Underwood Park where the children can use the play equipment and enjoy fresh air.

Join us and learn about what makes Underwood Hills such a wonderful community.  Contact Macayla Peterson for more information.