NPU-D Meeting January 22, 2013
Heather’s Meeting Notes

Reports from City Departmental Representatives

Police – 12% reduction in crime, but there has been a hike in automobile theft.
District Attorney’s Office – 92% conviction rate on cases that have gone to trial.
Fire Department – reminder to keep space heaters 3 feet away from any burnable objects.
Public Works – Internal meetings have been convened on the coordination issues of the Howell Mill traffic lights. It has been determined that corridor has become over saturated due to the current building uses allowed on the corridor. The City will be looking at ways to mitigate the current issues.
Library – the new library branch will probably be located at the corner of Perry Blvd. and Hollywood Rd. Construction will take approximately 2 years.
Department of Watershed Management- the Investigation Unit of Watershed Management is actively pursuing water thief cases. If you would like to report water theft call (404) 658-6500

Comments from Elected Officials- Councilperson Felicia Moore

New Fire Station 28 should be open by March
Ms. Moore requested input from the NPU and neighbors on how the New Falcons stadium should be funded – via bonds, hotel tax, etc.


Albert Ashkouti presented the Defoor Station Development. Discussion occurred about the elevation style . Concern was expressed about the increased traffic the development would cause for the neighborhood. Concern was expressed about the entry car stacking length for the Development. Eight car lengths will be provided. No action was taken by the NPU. This was an informal presentation for information only.

Matters For Voting

Z-12-002, 903 Huff Road- Rezoning from I-2 to MR-4A Deferred to March 2013

Z-12-047, 1583 Howell Mill road- Rezoning from R-4A Single-Family Residential to C-1 Community Business.

This is the parcel of land to the right of Flip Burger on Howell Mill (The old Salvation Army building). The front of the lot was already zoned for commercial use and only the back of the lot required rezoning. The owner wants to put in a restaurant. This parcel will be subject to beltline overlay requirements. Rezoning approved.

U-12-02, 2420 Fisher Avenue- Special use permit for a Biosolids recovered material processing facility

This was deferred until the February Meeting.

License Review Board, Alcohol License for Change of Ownership, 1790 Howell Mill Road- Shell Gas Station

This was approved with the Underwood Hills Planning Committee negotiated conditions of cut-off fixtures required for all exterior light fixtures and the placement of new tree wells along Howell Mill for the use of Trees Atlanta.

Meeting Adjourned