Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association
Minutes of the General Meeting
November 14, 2016 – 7:00PM

1. Meeting was called to order by Kristin Olson, President.

2. Community Developments
a. McKittrick Simmons/Sweetwater Holdings was unable to attend as planned.
b. Eva Nason updated on recent NCA & NPU activities. Last NCA meeting in September was
well‐attended. One current focus is working to insure that the new Falcons stadium
brings much‐needed improvement to nearby neighborhoods such as Vine City and
English Avenue. Next meeting will feature a Mayoral Candidate Forum. NPU meeting on
11/22/16 will focus on developments on Marietta Street as well as election of Officers.

3. Officer & Committee Reports
a. Land Use & Planning ‐ Ben Hudgins
b. Traffic & Safety
i. Security Patrol currently has 168 members, including some of the local
apartment/condo complexes, allowing us to have 3 Patrol shifts per week. ate
ii. Approval of 14 security cameras in District 9 by City Council includes 1 to be
installed at Ridgeway/Harper intersection (at the Park).
iii. Beau Grant volunteered to assess interest in forming a Traffic Planning
Committee, as a step towards developing a Traffic Plan for Underwood Hills.
Interested members should email Beau at bryangrant4@gmail.com if they are
interested in participating. Update planned for next UNHA meeting.
c. Underwood Hills Park Teen Committee reps updated on raising funds for new exercise
equipment at the Park, with an initial goal of at least $2400 in order to receive a
matching $2400 from Park Pride. Donations of at least $150 to Park Pride are
encouraged and will qualify the donor for an engraved brick at the Park. Please see the
NextDoor site or UNHA facebook page for more details.

4. The following nominees for the respective UNHA positions stood for election:
a. President ‐ Heather Sheets
b. VP ‐ Beau Grant
c. Secretary ‐ Mark Kirby
d. Treasurer ‐ Michael Arndt
e. Planning ‐ Ben Hudgins
f. NPU ‐ Eva Nason
g. Membership ‐ Ivy Way
h. Communications & Sponsorship ‐ Kristin Olson
i. Traffic & Safety ‐ Michael McLaughlin
j. Social ‐ Chris LeCraw
k. Play Group ‐ Macayla Peterson
l. Beautification ‐ Lindley Brahman
m. Elections ‐ Adam Karcz
With no positions being contested, a Motion was made to vote on the entire slate at once;
Motion was seconded, and all present voted “aye”, with none opposed. Thank you to all those
who stepped up to serve in 2017.

5. Thank you to Red Brick Brewery for hosting, and please support our 2016 sponsors (check them
out on the UNHA website).

6. The next UNHA meeting will be on Monday, January 9th, 2017.

7. Meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm

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