Our next meeting is an important one for the neighborhood, as it’s the meeting in which we elect our leadership for the coming year.  Underwood Hills needs you!  We’re looking for fresh faces that want to take the next step in being more active in their community.  It’s an amazing way to meet neighbors, and learn more about what’s going on in our immediate area and how it affects Underwood Hills.  Every position will be up for election, but we specifically need people to fill the following roles:

  • Secretary
  • Membership
  • Communications (which includes Sponsorship, Webmaster, and Newsletter… these are best handled by individuals in each role)
  • Elections

While one person is officially elected for each position, we encourage people to get involved in the committees, as many of the steering committee positions are best handled by a few people. With a little time from some great neighbors, we can continue to ensure Underwood Hills is a great place to live!  To learn more about the positions available, see below.  Please contact Adam Karcz at javamugboy@gmail.com with questions or to express interest in a position.

Executive Committee
President – Presides over the Association
VP – Fills in for President as needed, handles special projects
Secretary – Keeps official records for the Association
Treasurer – Manages the funds of the Association

Standing Sub-Committees
Beautification – Schedules neighborhood cleanups of entrances and common areas, coordinates with Park Committee on park cleanups and events
Communications – Maintains all communications and sponsorship for the Association including the website, eNewsletter, annual printed news flyer, and sponsorships.

  • Sponsorship – Solicits sponsorship, keeps records of sponsors, maintains sponsorship rate sheet, follows up on all new sponsor requests, receives and reviews sponsorship and coordinates with newsletter
  • Webmaster – Updates calendar on UHNA website, adds news and announcements submitted by board members, works with Treasurer to keep hosting and domain accounts up to date
  • Newsletter – Collects newsletter items from committee members, edits content, publishes regular eNewsletters, publishes at least one printed newsletter/flyer annually

Land Use and Planning – Leads the Planning Committee, represents the interests of Underwood Hills in zoning and development related issues facing the neighborhood, coordinates code enforcement issues. Membership – Responsible for maintaining the membership list in conjunction with the Treasurer and Secretary, encourages membership in the Association, coordinates an annual membership drive.
Play Group – Coordinates Play Group activities such as Friday play dates at the park, Halloween Party, Easter Egg Hunt; collects Play Group dues and delivers to Treasurer; encourages payment of Play Group dues to fund activities.
Social/Welcome – Organizes social activities for Underwood Hills residents (such as the annual Spring Social) and welcomes new residents to the neighborhood
Traffic and Safety – Coordinates with the City of Atlanta and Underwood Hills residents and businesses to develop and maintain a safe environment in Underwood Hills, including communicating with APD contacts, posting crime reports, organizing neighborhood watch or patrol (if applicable), works with Department of Public Works on traffic related issues.
Elections – Identifies and/or recruit candidates to run for each elected position, educates residents on the positions available, encourages involvement in the Steering Committee.

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