Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association
November 9, 2015 – 7:00PM
General Meeting Minutes

  1. Call Meeting to Order – 7:06PM
  2. Officer Reports
    1. Treasurer – Ryan Sheets – No Report
  3. Steering Committee Reports – consider joining one of our committees!
    1. Land Use & Planning – Ben Hudgins
      1. Howell Mill Rezoning – New zoning is in effect! Thanks to everyone who participated. – Has been officially adopted
      2. NPU Updates – Eva Cary Nason – Let everyone knows Moores Mill extension went through with Publix
      3. Do you have an interest or professional experience in urban design, planning, real estate, development or related field? Are you concerned about the development that happens in and around our neighborhood? Join the Planning Committee!
    2. Membership – Ivy Way
      1. Membership Drive – renew by paying dues or completing the membership form online at www.underwoodhills.org, in person to Ivy Way, or via mail at P.O. Box 19914, Atlanta, GA 30325. Membership is on a calendar year basis. Memberships completed now are good for 2016!
    3. Park – Molly Epstein & Jenna Schuh
      1. Please join us for the follow-up to our October park clean up this Sunday, November 15 from 2-4PM. We need at least six volunteers to make this a success. See you there!
  4. New Business
    1. QuikTrip Presentation and Vote
      1. QuikTrip filed a new SAP, BL-15-04, after several months of discussion with neighbors and Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.
      2. UHNA issued a letter of support of the new SAP over the previous SAP after a membership vote on March 9 and entered into a private agreement with QT holding them to the design we agreed upon.
      3. Planning Staff has reviewed BL-15-04 and asked QT to make three significant changes: remove a curb cut on Chattahoochee, remove two fueling pumps, and add “windows” to the “rear façade” (which is what we would consider to be the front, the façade along Howell Mill). The Planning Committee has reviewed the plans and has chosen not to make a recommendation to the neighborhood given the changes stem from discussions with the City.
      4. QT representatives present new plan and have a Q&A, motion from the floor to vote to not support the amended plan, thus the agreement would be nullified; seconded. Vote YAY – 25/ NAY – 10/ Abstention – 8. Motion passes.
    2. Neighborhood Security Patrol Survey Results and Discussion – Michael McLaughlin
    3. Michael went over handout including survey results and answered questions. Next steps are to have street captains to gauge more interest and an additional survey to get commitments from neighbors to participate.
    4. Elections
    5. Adam Karcz led the elections. Requests for nominations from the floor. All candidates ran unopposed, thus a slate was put forth and unanimously elected. There are two open positions the Steering Committee will be trying to fill.
      President – Kristin Olson
      Vice President – Beau Grant
      Treasurer – Ryan Sheets
      Secretary – Mark Kirby
      Beautification – Open
      Communications – Open
      Planning – Ben Hudgins
      Membership – Ivy Way
      Playgroup – Macayla Peterson
      Social – Chris Lecraw
      Safety – Michael McLaughlin
      Elections – Adam Karcz
    6. Code Enforcement – Shane Murphy
    7. Please submit code enforcement violations to Shane via Nextdoor or email to uhadmin@underwoodhills.org.
    8. Discussion with Charlie Jabaley, Street Execs Studio
    9. Charlie stated that after shooting outside studio they have closed their studio to only employees, they are having no more outdoor parties, have hired security, and gave out contact info for anyone that has complaints regarding noise. He stated they have 4 more years on their lease. Charlie said he’s committed to being a good neighbor and will make the necessary changes to do so. Q&A followed.
    10. Discussion on Crime and Prevention Measures, APD Captain Shea Steed
    11. Captain Steed said they are investigating shooting at studio but no arrests yet. She said the noise ordinance goes into effect at 10PM on weeknights and 11PM on weekends and that special events permits would be needed for any outdoor events held at studio.
      Neighbor and Councilman Andre Dickens spoke briefly on a few topics, including the current status with potholes in and around the neighborhood and the fact they’ve been reported.
  5. Thank you to our sponsors: Fusion CPA, Moncrief Heating & Air, Atlanta Law Group, The Defoor Centre, Collier Chiropractic, Comfort Shield, Florist Atlanta and Lutz Cleaners!
  6. Adjourn Meeting – 915PM

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