UHNA Meeting Notes 11-14-11

Officer Elections

  • President: Neil Carrabe
  • Membership Chair: Cynthia Williams
  • Traffic Committee: Wyatt Gordon
  • Newsletter: Jen Gordon
  • Secretary:  Jeffrey Hart
  • Beautifications: Scott Hardesty

Thanks to all who stepped up to serve our community!

White Street Closure

  • Wyatt gave us background on the issue.  The city wanted to put in a traffic light at White Street per a request from the owners of the Kroger shopping center.  The neighborhood fought back on the light but lost–the light will be going in.  However, the city has been working with us to put measures in place to protect White Street and UH from increased traffic flow. There are 9 residents and 9 children on the street and the recent traffic study showed there are already 250 cars a day going through there before the light. One of the suggestions from the neighborhood was to close off White St at Howell Mill to stop it from being a cut-through.  The city was initially opposed to this solution however they have come around and Felicia Moore is introducing legislation to call for the temporary closure of White Street.  This will be followed by a review within 6 months before the permanent street closure.The barriers will close the street to cars, not pedestrians and bicyclists, and be set back so that the commercial properties are not affected.
  • There were arguments for and against. Here are some examples of each:
    • Supporting the closure:  Increase in traffic flow through the neighborhood by making the cut-through more convenient.  Safety of children with increased traffic flow.  Cars lining up along the street waiting for the light to turn (can’t get out of their driveways).  Accidents on Howell Mill with so many lights so close to one another.  There are precedents for this happening in other city neighborhoods.
    • Against the closure:  We live in the city and these are public streets that people should be able to use.  Effect on the businesses in the area.  Could increase traffic on other streets like Marvin, Ridgeway, and Springer.
  • A motion was made to support this legislation.  The motion was carried with 36 for, 4 against, and 2 abstaining.
  • There will be discussion at all neighborhood meetings during the 6 month period so please attend if you have opinions to share and/or would like to vote on the neighborhood stance.  Felicia would like to hear our opinions about the effects of the closure, good and bad.fmoore@atlantaga.gov

Waffle House

  • Waffle House was denied the variance to turn the green space into a parking lot so close to the neighborhood.
  • Thanks to Eva and to everyone who wrote letters voicing their opposition (57!).

Felicia Moore’s Comments

  • Tires:  There will be a used tire drive soon.  Watch for an email from Felicia.
  • Nighborhood Fix List:  We need to get her a consolidated list of things to fix in the neighborhood like potholes, missing manhole covers, downed signs, etc (not code violations) because it’s easier for her to get the city to come do all of them at once.  The UHNA steering committee will work on that so send your suggestions.
  • Water/Sewer Warranty:   Please consider the water/sewer line warranty program you should have received a letter about.  You are responsible for the lines from your house to the street.  This program was recently introduced by Felicia and a colleague as part of efforts to help protect residents from getting into a bad financial situation due to burst pipes and costly repairs.  Any profits go to helping needy families and seniors with water bills and more.
  • Smoke Detectors:  If you participated in the smoke detector program through the city, contact Felicia to make sure the detector you got was not one of the faulty ones.
  • Prescription Discouns:  Contact Felicia’s office for a CVS/Caremark discount card to get discounts (20-25%, I think) on prescription medications (including for pets!) at many local pharmacies, not just CVS.

WalMart Liquor License

  • WalMart is seeking to renew their liquor license.
  • A motion was made to support their renewal
  • Motion carried.
  • A suggestion was made to tell them to please cleanup their carts off of Howell Mill.

5 Minutes of Fame–Yay for our neighbors!

These were the ones I caught. Apologies for those I missed!

  • Cynthia is adding onto her house
  • Wyatt and Jen know a producer of one of those home make over shows. Theirs and another house in the neighborhood has already been done but they’re always looking for in-town homes.
  • Bill Goodman is going to minister to prisoners
  • A couple on White St just got married