If you see a Kroger shopping cart around the neighborhood, please call Fleming Thompson at 404 355-7886. Fleming is the Unit Manager of the Howell Mill Kroger and has agreed to retrieve any Kroger (be sure it is a Kroger cart) we find around the neighborhood.

3.15.10 UHNA Neighborhood Association Meeting

Executive Committee President: Arthur Silbert (Silbert@gmail.com) Vice President: Brian Berger (doctaberga@yahoo.com) Secretary: Scott Hardesty (scott.hardesty@earthlink.net) Treasurer: Bobbie Munroe (bdmunroe@fraserfin.com)

Headcount 28 (24 residents plus four UHNA Officers

Welcome new neighbors • Wilson Covington on DeFoors Ave. • Tran Hoang (with Michael Maples) on Ridgeway Ave. (htran15@yahoo.com) • Welcome back to long-time resident Jackie Echols

Atlanta Police Department (APD) Report on Crime Lt Woody, the Precinct Captain from Zone 2, spoke about crime trends in Zone 2. There are 10 beats in Zone 2, with an officer staffed to each beat. Officer Garcia is the Beat Officer for this area.

Crime Trends • APD measures crimes and places officers to match patterns. Puts “cops on dots.” • Crime in Zone 2 year-over-year is down by 25% down city-wide. • Car break-ins have been the number one crime reported so far this year. In fact, there were 27 last week in Zone 2, alone. APD has not noticed a particular location trend, but report that criminals are stealing the same things—laptops. • Some reports of cars stolen while idling; victims leave cars idling while waiting for them to heat up.

When To Call 911 Call 911 to report suspicious persons and vehicles; if needed, say that it is a non-emergency call, but APD urges residents to use the 911 Service. For requests to add extra patrols, for example, dial Zone 2 at (404) 848-7231.

APD Staffing APD still short-staffed, but furloughs have ended. Academy is at full capacity to staff; hopefully in year to next two years we will see improvements.

Recommendations • Call 911 when something doesn’t look right. • Clean cars out; remove laptops and other valuables • Please be mindful of activity around homes that are for sale; suspicious vans and workers, etc. • Ask your neighbors to pick up your mail and newspapers while you’re out of town

Beautification Danny briefed on park clean up and common entrances. All pine straw donated by Andrew at Ace Hardware. Median planting on De Foors between Harper and Claremont is on hold.

Social Committee Update Amy Panos, Social Chair, briefed on upcoming events:

First UHNA “Hits the Town “ luncheon at Jolie Kobe on 2/28 purpose to get to know neighbors Next event tentatively scheduled for 3/31 at Antico Pizza

If interested in joining group, please contact Amy

Mark calendar for Spring Party on 5/22 at the park; check underwoodhills.org for details

Easter Egg Hunt is hosted by Playgroup; see “Upcoming Events” site on underwoodhills.org.

Arthur encouraged residents to send photos of neighborhood events to silbert@gmail,com

Zoning Arthur briefed group on new process for Zoning Discussions that result in a neighborhood vote. Process is modeled after one used by the NPU and Zoning Review Board. Please go to the March 2010 UHNA Newsletter link located on underwoodhills.org.

Arthur encourages residents to attend NPU Meetings. Several key stakeholders from City of Atlanta are present and it is a good learning experience.

Arthur and Eva are creating a Google Map to define the Underwood Hills neighborhood boundary. Look for the map soon on underwoodhills.org.

Three MARTA bus routes that affect neighborhood: 12 (Howell Mill is unchanged), 37 (DeFoors Ferry is unchanged), but 137 (Collier Rd. will be discontinued for budget reasons).

Other Issues • Recommendation to continue using Evite for UHNA Meetings. • Recommendation to send meeting agenda topics to Arthur, or any member of the Leadership Team; perhaps inviting a representative from Atlanta City Planning Committee.

• Fire Station 23 scheduled to close (Howell Mill Rd.); if closed, will not be reopened until 2015. Cynthia is contacting neighborhood businesses to fight the potential closing.

1.25.10 UHNA Neighborhood Association Meeting

Executive Committee

President: Arthur Silbert (Silbert@gmail.com)

Vice President: Brian Berger (doctaberga@yahoo.com)

Secretary: Scott Hardesty (scott.hardesty@earthlink.net)

Treasurer: Bobbie Munroe (bdmunroe@fraserfin.com)


31 residents

Introduction of 2010 board & committee heads

Arthur introduced Board and Committee Heads that were elected at 11/09 meeting.

Welcome new neighbors

Jamie Hargather from Claremont St.

By-laws approval vote

Danny Moore and Eva Nason

21 UHNA residents voted in favor of approving the UHNA By-Laws.  Approval vote passed with 2/3 of the vote.

Beautification Committee

The chairman, Danny Moore, briefed on the following:

Yard of the Month program planned.  Contact volberg@hotmail.com for details and suggestions. Send email to Danny with suggestions about neglected corners or common areas in the neighborhood that out need attention.

Important Health Message from Veterinarian, Brian Berger

Brian Berger informed neighbors about the spike in numbers of cases of pets with zoonotic disease.  Zoonotic diseases are caused by infectious agents that can be transmitted between (or are shared by) animals and humans.  Please clean up after your dogs and monitor their behavior around other dogs.

Social Committee Update

Amy Panos is planning Spring Party, Holiday Party, First Friday’s and other events.  Contact Amy amympanos@gmail.com for ideas and to help out.

CSX Ethanol Unloading & Atlanta Oxygen Updates

Battalion Chief David Rhodes, Atlanta Fire Dept.  drhodes@atlanaga.gov

Chief of Inspections—Greg Favors at  gafavors@atlantaga.gov

CSX Ethanol Unloading

Battalion Chief, AFD, provided overview of ethanol and handling procedures.  Fire Station 8 is the Atlanta Hazmat Response Unit.

In general, ethanol is highly flammable but safely handled at rail yard.  If handled properly, ethanol is safe.  Ethanol fires are difficult to fight, particularly if mixed with water.   Chief Rhodes has worked at station that responds to rail yard for 10 years and hasn’t responded to any reports of misuse of ethanol at the rail yard.   The EPA imposes heavy fines for ethanol handling violations.

CSX offloads ethanol onto tractor trailer truck and stores in tank and mixed with fuel.  Railroad falls under Federal standards; local codes do not apply.  There is no local jurisdiction, similar to Whittier Mill mine.  CSX has been responsive on Hazmat side and has trained AFD on procedures.  The minimum evacuation procedures caused by ethanol spills (no more than 1 mile from site of incident).

Oxygen Vendor on DeFoor Place

Eva asked Batallion Chief Rhodes to brief residents on compressed gasses, similar to those used in home medical tanks.  Oxygen is a compressed gas and poses a certain danger if exposed to flame.  The potential hazard can be compared to an LP grill cylinder.

Stuart Gibson is owner of Atlanta Oxygen & Medical (AOM) at the corner of Defoor Pl. and Defoor Ave.  AOM is a home medical equipment company that delivers products to patients homes, including oxygen tanks.  Stuart stores about 70 portable tanks at the location and said that he has a permit from the City to do so.  The AFD audits similar facilities every year, including the Defoor location.  Stuart meets OSHA guidelines to store tanks at the closest point of entry to the building.  Stuart has been in business for 15 years. 


Eva explained how the property has been zoned R-4 (residential) for decades, although the site has never been used for a home.  Stuart is asking the City to rezone the site to C1 (commercial).

As it is now, Stuart is out of code.  If the property does not conform to zoning use, the business cannot change, build onto, or change the property in any way.  Stuart can submit changes only if the zoning is changed to commercial.  The neighborhood worked very hard to maintain R4 zoning down DeFoor from Taylor past Davis.

Sixteen (16) residents approved motion to deny rezoning property to C1; six (6) residents opposed

Approval vote for funding of playgroup, senior, church

Bobbie Munroe

Last year, 38% revenue from partners and sponsors; $6,600 in expenditures last year 122 households contributed dues, out of about 500 homes in neighborhood. 30 attendees voted to continue to fund playgroup, senior and church funds.

Crime Watch Update

Arthur provided the update in Grayson’s absence.  He recommended that residents sign up for UHNA Discuss to report suspicious activity and increase awareness of crime issues.  He urged residents to call 911 first–the City is structured to take these calls.

UHNA Communications Survey

A team from Georgia State University MBA program is performing a communication audit for UHNA to analyze the communication process UHNA uses to increase awareness and participation at quarterly neighborhood association meetings.  The six-member audit team will highlight the challenges and opportunities of the process, and offer recommendations that can increase the effectiveness of the UHNA strategy.

The audit team was on hand to ask residents to complete a survey, which is one part of the process to collect feedback.  Look for an invitation from a member of the UHNA Leadership Team inviting you to take an online survey, similar to the one from the meeting.

Traffic Committee Update

Barry Rolland

Number one priority is to clean up intersection at DeFoor and Harper (restriping of intersection).


Jenna Schuh

Brick campaign update; 17 bricks sold so far for $100 each.  October and March park clean-ups scheduled for 2010. Planted over 1,000 daffodils in park circle and transplanted daffodils from Johnson Wholesale Flooring. Use Service Sorority from Georgia Tech at park clean ups.  Park clean-ups are on the website calendar (www.underwoodhills.org) 200 people showed up for Puppies and Pancakes event last year. Checks written for brick campaign are tax deductible Want to use $1,700 to build low, deck in back behind tire swing; include swinging benches and plan area adjacent to the tennis courts.

11.16.09 UHNA Neighborhood Association Meeting

Executive Committee

President: Danny Moore (volberg@hotmail.com)

Vice President: Arthur Silbert (Silbert@gmail.com)

Secretary: Scott Hardesty (scott.hardesty@earthlink.net)

Treasurer: Bobbie Munroe (bdmunroe@fraserfin.com)



Notes from UHNA President

Thank you to Atlanta Brewing Company for hosting neighborhood meeting Mayoral Race is important—encourage residents to vote in runoff on Dec. 1, 2009. December 21 Grand Opening of Piedmont Doctors Center New Playgroup Chair is Candice Selby

Danny welcomed new neighbors

Greg Smith, White St. Joe Mattera–Collier Green Catherine Rakestraw—Collier Green Barry Rollan—Southern Bearing Lofts

Crime Watch Update—Grayson Daughters (Crime Watch Coordinator)

Grayson encouraged neighbors to call 911 if anything noticed suspicious. Officers at NPU have reported Danny that crime is “down”

Budget/Membership Dues Drive – Bobbie Munroe

$15 for singles and $30 for families You don’t have to pay dues to be a member of the Neighborhood Association.  Neighbor participation and leadership is essential to maintaining the committees, so please contact committee chairs to see how you can help. Please send dues to the address below: Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association PO Box 19914 Atlanta, GA  30325 Neighbors can also print an application online at underwoodhills.org or pay online with a credit card. About $5,000 in the kitty Encouraged to thank web and newsletter sponsors

Presentation—Doctors Express

Owners Theone and Chris Rutledge briefed us on the Urgent Care Center opening Open 7 days a week on a walk-in basis 8 to 8 and 10-6 on weekends General wait time is 15 minutes Included in-house pharmacy Accept all incurance ad Medicare and discounts for cash-pay customers Open 12/12 at new Piedmont West Medical Building, Ste. 130 12-4 on 12/12 for Grand Opening Convenient alternative to Primary Care Physicians Board Certified Physicians on staff Staff of X-ray techs and nurses Treat adults and children

NPU Zoning

Eva briefed the group on the ethanol issue at Howell Mill Rail Yard.  See the write up in the latest newsletter for details. 24 for, none against and no abstentions Property at corner of DeFoor and DeFoor place is zoned R4 but put in application to get zoned as commercial; the longstanding UHNA position is to maintain stretch of DeFoor Ave as residential (R4).  Look for details in January from Eva about action that the neighborhood can take to prepare for a vote. ACTION–Add NPU meeting schedule to website–Arthur



Arthur Silbert voted in unanimously as new UHNA President Dr. Brian Berger voted unanimously as new UHNA VP Bobbie Munroe retains her position as Treasurer Scott Hardesty retains his position as Secretary

Steering Committee

Amy Panos is new Social Chair Eva retains her Zoning Chair position Grayson Daughters retains her Crime Watch position Jennifer Lauren is new Newsletter Chair Pete Lisi is new Partnership Chair (coordinates advertising for the newsletter and website) Beautification Chair—Danny will fill the role temporarily; Jackie Echols may fill in when she moves back to the neighborhood Traffic and Master Plan Chair—Barry Rollan voted in as the new chair

Fire Station 23 Update

On- going fund raiser selling t-shirts; please stop by the location on Howell Mill Rd to support the fire station

Next meeting is January—date to be determined

9.14.09 UHNA Neighborhood Association Meeting

Executive Committee President: Danny Moore (volberg@hotmail.com) Vice President: Arthur Silbert (Silbert@gmail.com) Secretary: Scott Hardesty (scott.hardesty@earthlink.net) Treasurer: Bobbie Munroe (bdmunroe@fraserfin.com)

Headcount 28

Notes from UHNA President • Thank you to Atlanta Brewing Company for hosting neighborhood meeting

Danny welcomed new neighbors • Jeffrey and Megan Hart 1796 Springer St. • Brianna and David 1831 Woodland Hills Dr.

Farewell Traci Hart and Adrian Pritchard Traci and Adrian are transferring to Charlotte, NC. Eva acknowledged Traci’s contributions to maintain the corners or Collier and Woodland Hills and Harper and DeFoor Ave. Traci has also contributed to the success of the Seniors Group.

Crime Watch Update—Grayson Daughters (Crime Watch Coordinator) • Break in on Davis Place at 2:30pm on 9/14. • Although violent crime in the city is down, burglary rates are up. • Grayson encouraged neighbors to call 911 if anything noticed suspicious. • For those who work from home, Grayson recommended talking walks during the day. It is essential to file a police report to ensure that the burglary data is collected. • Lieutenant Terry Joyner (APD) at tjoyner@atlantagagov wants to know about all crime-related activity in Zone 2. He can also be reached at (404) 848-7231.

Budget/Membership Dues Drive – Bobbie Munroe • You don’t have to pay dues to be a member of the Neighborhood Association. Neighbor participation and leadership is essential to maintaining the committees, so please contact committee chairs to see how you can help. • In the most recent newsletter, look for the postage-paid envelope with a membership application. There is an explanation on the back of the application of how dues are used. Please send dues to the address below:

Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association PO Box 19914 Atlanta, GA 30325

Neighbors can also print an application online at underwoodhills.org.

Traffic Update (Kristen Hassell) • Traffic beacons, sidewalks installed, cutting back overgrowth, replace signs, communicating with City officials to improve sightlines and improve pedestrian safety. • For now the City is not able to commit more funds to add additional striping and signage. • George Pilkington urged residents to attend Atlanta City Council Transportation Committee meetings to share concerns. • Kristen will follow up with City about the request to reduce the mph on DeFoor Ave. from Collier to Howell Mill to 30 mph. • Look for Kristen’s contact information on underwoodhills.org to share feedback.

Park News • Park Clean-Up scheduled for 9/19 from 9am to 12pm—asking for neighbor’s help or for a donation. There is a brick campaign to raise ($100/brick) money for the park. The fundraiser ends 12/31/09. Go to underwoodhills.org for details on how to purchase a brick. The last brick campaign raised $10,000.

• Danny Moore and Rick Myers will contact Collier Green to clear margin at Seaboard Place and Seaboard Ave.

• Park Special Event, Saturday 9/26 from 11am to 2pm. Park Pride, an advocate for more green space, turns 20 years old this year; Park Pride selected 20 parks, including UHNA park, for a celebration. Taking donations to benefit the Humane Society. Humane Society will be on hand with puppies and kittens to show kids.

NPU Zoning • Eva briefed the group on the ethanol issue at Howell Mill Rail Yard. See the write up in the latest newsletter for details.

Next UHNA Meeting is 11/16 • Review By-Laws and hold elections for 2010 board members. Danny will psot the by laws on the UNHA website within the week. Send feedback and concerns to the link to Danny’s email address. Neighborhood will vote on bylaws at the November meeting. Next Meeting at Red Brick Brewery

More Volunteers Needed for Important Neighborhood Tasks • Jennifer Lauren volunteered to lead the Newsletter publication for November 2009 and through 2010.

• Recommendation to distribute newsletters to condo complexes along DeFoor Ave. Danny will connect with those neighborhood associations.

• UHNA needs a Partnership Coordinator to advocate the Newsletter and website to merchants and others who wish to advertise. The role involves communicating rates and terms to prospective advertisers and communicating how to pay Bobbie (Treasurer).

New Running/Walking Group • Lynn Rieck and Dwight and Leah Thomas have formed the Underwood Hills Runners Group. The group meets every Tuesday night at 6:30 at the UHNA Park. Runners of all abilities are welcome; the distances vary from 3 to 10 miles and the pace also varies from “just getting started” to “improving my pace.” There are no membership fees.

• Sign up for group emails at underwoodhillsrunners-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or call Lynn at 404-352-5321.

New business and Q&A • Mayoral Debate, 9/16 at 7pm at Puritan Mills • Include conversation about UHNA flags at the November meeting.

1.26.09 UHNA Neighborhood Association Meeting

Headcount • 40 residents

Danny’s Notes • Welcome new UHNA Officers: Arthur Silbert, Scott Hardesty and Traci Hart • UHNA goal in 2009 is to increase UHNA discuss and meeting participation. Mindy explained how to register for UHNA Discuss. UHNA Discuss informs residents about crime activity, neighborhood activities, Park Clean Ups and other neighborhood-related issues. • Important to maintain property appearance. • Danny noted that you can appeal Property Tax; important to be proactive about contacting City about valuation; City will not send notice if the value doesn’t change; check Fulton County website by 5/15 to see how City valued your property. Check the website to check tax bill and property valuation. Important to file Homestead Exemption no later than 3/31, or in some cases 3/31, for new homeowners.

Crime-Mindy & Rep from ATAC (Atlantans Together Against Crime), Tessa Horeheld • Atlantans Together Against Crime (ATAC) formed 2 to 3 weeks ago in response to increase in crime in this area. Purpose is to create an online repository to collect crime data and important websites. Tessa is reaching out to each neighborhood in Atlanta to determine what actions are being taken to , what works, what is most cost effective, and what gets the most results. Funded by of Tessa and two neighbors from Westover Plantation. Atlantanstogether.org is the website address; working with APD to gather crime statistics; ability to stratify data. Tessa’s email address: tessa@atlantstogether.org • Important to contact Georgia Power to repair street lights; one neighbor contacted GP to install a light above his parking space on the street.

Budget—Bobbie Munroe • Thank sponsors; important to ask neighbors to pay dues.

Traffic—Kristen/Scott/Keith • Update on Defoor Ave. S-Curve • Speed humps on Woodland Hills Ave.; being used as a cut-through. Need 75% or 41 signatures of residents on WH to implement speed humps. • Results from blueprint study with GA Tech; neighborhoods and business owners met to create a plan to improve Collier Village improvements; See Kristen Hassel for details on the report. Go to www.georgiaconservancy.org to see examples of other neighborhood’s plans (Berkley Park, Atlantic Station and Home Park have plans). NPU-C approved the Collier Village Plan. NPU-C formed a committee to move the plan forward, including rezoning requests.

2009 Meeting Schedule, Including Spring Social

2009 Clean-Up Schedule, Park Special Projects • Park Clean-Up coming in March to prepare for Easter celebration.

Zoning—Eva • Piedmont sign ordinance; opposed by neighborhoods and zoning committee; has not been heard by zoning board; will come up for consideration in February.

New Business • Zip code change update; no progress • Cynthia Williams—“maybe” to reopen Fire Station 7/1. Offered neighbors opportunity to sign up for basic CPR. • Status of billboard at I-75 & Howell Mill—Danny said that billboards are on timeframes and need to be renewed by the owner. Berkeley Park and NPU-D are scheduled to vote in 2009.

3.16.09 UHNA Neighborhood Association Meeting

Headcount • 30 residents

Danny’s Notes • The Experimental Aircraft Association Youth Programs is a foundation set up in memory of Glenn Moore, Danny’s father. • Tell Adrienne to contact Beth Whelan to post announcements in advance of the 4/4 Easter event at the park. • Thank you to Tawn and Adrienne for their work with Baby and Children playgroups and Senior outreach. • Thank you to Jenna Schuh and Molly Epstein for organizing Spring Park Cleanup. • Check out the website www.the912project.com for details about neighborhood-related topics.

Crime-Mindy • Volunteer group—at least one person from each street—to serve as block captain. Using basic program similar to Neighborhood Watch that calls on the block captain to report crime-related issues. Accountabilities include providing number for the City to pick up large items; instead of calling for them. Serves as a lookout for the neighborhood. Follow general neighborhood election timeline for renewing volunteers or selecting new ones.

• Ask neighbors to send n email to mindy.petzer@braves.com if experiencing problems getting access to the UHNA email group.

Budget—Bobbie Munroe • ~5,000 in the bank; $1,500 of which comes from advertisers • Since September 1, dues collected equals $3,275. 104 separate donations, which is about 20% of total home ownership. $15 is for single dues, $30 for families.

DeFoor Ave. NW Sidewalk • Update on Defoor Ave. S-Curve • Speed humps on Woodland Hills Ave.; being used as a cut-through. Need 75% or 41 signatures of residents on WH to implement speed humps.

Traffic Light at Howell Mill /White St. • Eva explained that the Kroger wanted a traffic light at HM and White St.; engagement with Clair Muller and Felicia Moore’s office; Dept. of Public Works has completed sidewalk assessments and Eva is scheduled to receive follow up on next steps. • Open discussion about the pros and cons of the traffic light. • Traffic Committee will set up a meeting to address concerns

NPU Zoning—Eva • Vote on variance at 1814 DeFoor Ave. (Keith Spelmon). 16 neighbors approved of the plans and Keith’s process to get it approved • Keith Mitchell on 1921 Volberg

Resolution regarding hazardous waste in Howell Mill Rail Yard • Eva briefed us on resolution by citizens ban hazardous substances from CSX railyard; 19 UHNA residents voted in favor of supporting the resolution and 1 opposed.


404 449-8998 (interest in meeting with Traffic Committee) and addressing Paul Stull