Great article in the Midtown Patch about the question of what to call our area of town west of Buckhead. How do you describe where you live when describing Underwood Hills?

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Hi Neighbors,

We are doing the Underwood Hills Christmas Tree Recycling in the park again this year! The details are below:

Put your tree by the curb OR take to the park (circle in middle of parking area) Dec. 31 through Jan. 6. If you leave a tree at the curb, please text your address to 404-644-3832 and we will pick it up Trees will be chipped on Jan. 4, 5, 6. Chipping will end at 5:00 pm on Jan. 6. Mulch will be spread where needed in the park. Big thanks to Jenna Schuh for getting the chipper donated by Sunbelt Rentals! Questions? or 404-644-3832

A little background info: 

Joe and Bert Jacobs started this project last year after noticing over the years that the city takes a very long time to pick up Christmas trees after the holidays. In years past, Bert would sometimes take neighbors’ trees in his truck to be recycled. Then, when Joe needed to complete a service project for high school his senior year, they decided to make it a neighborhood event. Jenna has a good relationship with Sunbelt rentals and was able to get the chipper donated free of charge for a weekend (and again this year!).

This year, Annie (9th grade) will also help out and get service hours for school. Bonuses for the neighborhood: streets look less “junky” with the Christmas trees not sitting at the curb for weeks, neighbors don’t have to haul a messy tree in their car to be recycled at another location, chipper makes mulch for the neighborhood park, community building happens the day of chipping when neighbors show up to see what’s going on!

Happy New Year! Liz Jacobs

Enter any question(s) you would like addressed at the next UHNA Special Meeting to address development of the 14 acre track of land behind Defoor Circle.

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Our UHNA Planning Committee chair Heather Hubble will compile these questions to be addressed at the meeting. Please attend the UHNA special meeting to hear your question addressed:

Time: 7:00 pm Date: Monday, January 7, 2013 Location: Defoor Center, 1710 Defoor Avenue Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30318