Below find the agenda for the April 23rd NPU-D meeting.

04-23-13 NPU-D Meeting Agenda

Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association General Meeting Minutes

Defoors Centre 1710 Defoor Avenue NW Atlanta, GA 30318

March 11, 2013

Attendance: 47 @ beginning of meeting

Start: 7:07 PM

Financial and Budget

General review of budget Appx $4,700 cash in bank account 97 paid members as of today. Goal of 200 43 paid members in 2012 54 paid members in 2011


Pros and Cons discussed Other nearby neighborhoods that are incorporated: Berkeley Heights, Loring Heights, Springlake, Riverside UHNA is currently incorporated. Conversation for discussion only. Motion by Heather: UHNA continue to be incorporated with condition that if a ‘no’ vote then officers allow the incorporation to lapse and not do anything with it to renew at end of this year. Yes = Maintain the incorporation No = Let it lapse and we don’t do anything with it to renew Noted that we cannot vote on anything without prior notification in newsletter (“Requiring votes of membership”: dues amount, bylaw amendments, common areas) Motion is still on the floor Hostile condition and not a friendly comment: Let it lapse and vote again in November In favor: 39 Against: 5 Abstaining: 4 Motion passes for the Association to remain incorporated


Need to create a committee to review bylaws Motion to create a committee to review bylaws and make recommendations in favor: 46 against: 0 abstain: 1 Motion passes Keri Conley will serve as Chairperson of the Bylaws committee request was made for volunteers to join Bylaws committee

Committee Reports

Membership: Who is a member? You don’t have to pay dues to be a member but need to sign up. Need to be more clear about how to become a member. (bylaws review) Total of 115 members, 97 paid, 18 not paying Spring Social is May 18. Rain day is May 19. Motion to move Defoors Ferry Rezoning item to next on agenda Unanimous vote to move it to next on agenda Motion approved Defoors Ferry Rezoning Jessica Hill – Attorney for Applicant Overview of the project presented Rezone to MR-4B – Mixed Zone Variance to reduce setbacks from required 15’ t0 7’ Conditions read by Heather Acreage: 1.75 acres. 24 units. 3 bedrooms. $400k sales price projected. Elevations: Brick at low levels, then siding. Motion to approve rezoning with stated conditions and also incorporates the variances stated in favor: 46 opposed: 1 abstain: 1 Motion approved Beautification: March 30th – Quarterly clean up – 9:00-11:00. 10 people needed. One hour. May 4 – Spring Clean Up of Park – 9:00-12:00. Hillary: Email her if you see any graffiti needing to be cleaned up Traffic Traffic study – we need one and it costs 15k Road repair – send list to Wyatt by 3/31/13. He’ll send to Felicia Moore. Communications 800 flyers passed out in the last few weeks Working on getting more signs for yards NextDoor has 275 members now. UHNA-Discuss has 269 Planning Committee Shell Station- License Review Board Meeting next Tuesday, March 19 at 5:00 (55 Trinity Ave). To encourage owner to plant trees along Shell station. Ashkouti Apartment Development – Planning to submit rezoning on March 12. Elevations shown. QuikTrip – Submitted SAP application. QT making adjustments to site plan about SAP comments. Likely on May NPU agenda. NC (Neighborhood Commercial) Zoning – Town Hall Meeting sometime soon. Planning committee meeting next Monday night at 7:30 with Berkeley Park representatives.

9:19 – Meeting Adjorns

Join us for the annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday March 23rd at 11am with a rain date of Sunday March 24th at 4pm. Please bring a dozen filled eggs per child with the age group written on the bag. You can drop them off at 1738 Ridgeway Ave. (Stefanie Ballards house) or Molly Epsteins house before Sat the 23rd by 9am as we will begin to hide at 10. Always looking for volunteers so if you would like to help, please meet at the park by 10.

If your child is 2 or younger, fill the eggs with toddler-friendly non-candy foods like goldfish, cheerios, or other small finger foods. For older children, fill the eggs with candy, stickers, or other small goodies.

Date: Saturday, March 23 Time: 11am – 1pm Place: Underwood Hills Park

Egg hunt begins promptly at 11.15 Visit from the Easter Bunny! Each family please bring a brunch dish to share. No sweets, please. You can find the GOLDEN egg, which wins the grand prize, and the SILVER egg, which also wins a prize. Rain date/time is Sunday, March 24, 3pm

In January, the Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association (UHNA) Membership Committee’s Welcome Wagon rolled out to greet five new households to the neighborhood. Cynthia Williams and Amy Panos, pictured above visiting new neighbor, Jamie Bell, kicked off the season by welcoming the recent arrivals in this year’s first visit.

The Welcome Wagon Team, led by Cynthia Williams, identifies new arrivals and plans quarterly visits to their homes to provide a welcome packet with essential information about Underwood Hills and a complimentary flower bouquet donated by a neighborhood business, Florist Atlanta. We are fortunate to have Florist Atlanta as a partner, so please remember to visit them at the shop tucked in the corner at White St. and Howell Mill Rd.

In addition to the flowers, the team includes a welcome note, a map of the West Midtown Design district and tips on how to stay informed of social events and happenings around the neighborhood.

If you know of new neighbors to Underwood Hills, or would like to join the Welcome Wagon on their next visit, please contact Cynthia at

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