From the Office of Councilmember Yolanda Adrean:

Planning will be hosting a Community Meeting and an Open House regarding the proposed re-zoning for Collier Village.  The Community meeting will be held on Monday, January 27th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Trinity Presbyterian, and the Open House will be held on Friday, January 31st from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Howell Mill Shopping Center.  Please see the meeting notice for additional details.

For additional background, here is the link to the Collier Village Blueprint Plan –, which has already been adopted and was the impetus for the re-zoning.  Also attached is the actual re-zoning legislation and corresponding map.

Meeting Minutes for January Underwood Hills Neighborhood Mtng.

Held at the Red Brick Brewing Company.

Meeting called to order at 7:05.

Jim Elgar from the City (Caeser Mitchell’s office) moved to top of agenda to make presentation.

Announced appts.  Andre Dickens appt to Transportation, Utilities, and Community Development.   Felicia Moore to Chair Transportion.

Referendum for Infrastructure bond discussed.

404-330-6052 is Jim’s phone number for any questions about various committees and their functions.

City Council Assignments are posted online on the City’s website.


Treasurer-all ok, no real report

Traffic-resurfacing from Howell Mill to Collier of Defoor should start in Feb.  Speed and traffic count study done along Defoor between Howell Mill and Defoor Center.  Study showed that the number of cars counted was below threshold to do traffic calming/speed control .   Any concerns send Wyatt an email.  Mention of bike lane in front of Reserve being obliterated.

404-330-6333-Public Works number.  Report stop signs, street signs, potholes, etc.

And ask for report number.

QT report from Wyatt-summary of what went before.  Parking variance denied all along, but BZA approved it.  Private suit to appeal was filed, but the city recommendation to the City Attorney was to side with BZA.  Waiting for judge to pass down his ruling.  Can still be appealed again.  Then QT will still have to rework their site plan to conform to the various other requirements-Belt Plan, etc.

Site plan for Ashkouti development presented and discussed.  (revised)

Bottom right corner abutting Davis Circle is big change.  Eliminated storm water pond-drainage to be under railroad right of way.  Consolidated buildings in bottom left from 2 to 1.  Planning Committee still has open questions, esp. rezoning.  Can it be done Administratively or does it need to come back for new rezoning agreement.  Private agreement will need to be reworked.  Planning comm. Generally agrees, although not unanimously.

Bart-Communications.  Still need advertisers-cards available at the front of the room.  Go out and promote us!  Try to get some more advertiser

Summary of Positions:

Kristen -President

Keri Connely-VP

Neal Carnaby-Secretary

Wyatt Gordon-Traffic

Stephanie Ballard-Playgroup

Have 406 members on Next Door.  Brief overview of Next Door presented by Wyatt.

Budget Discussion.

Based on 100 members paid.  With 406 on Next Door, viewed as not a problem.

Some goals-traffic study, e.g.-are outlined but not actually budgeted.

Membership redefined as running on a calendar year rather than one year from when actually remitted.

Wyatt motioned for approval.  Neal seconded.  23 in favor.  Passed

Vote to fill open positions.  Treasurer, Beautification, Social, Membership.       Review of responsibilities for each position.


Treasurer-Ryan Sheets-wealth management background passed

Membership-Eric Oosting –tech background-passed


Social-Chris Leciw (?)  Just bought a place on Springer St. (2 volunteers to help)-passed

Toddler structure at Park still broken/missing a piece.  To be followed up on.  Urged to go to City Website-Parks and Rec. and send email.

General discussion of other neighborhood issues.

No other new business.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:53

















To show our gratitude to those who protect us, the Association, along with 5 other neighborhoods, contributed to $85 to help provide Christmas Eve dinners to Zone 2 police officers who were on duty that night.

To kick off the new year, the next UHNA General Meeting will be Monday, January 13th at 7PM at Red Brick Brewery. The company is providing the meeting space and beer for free. It’s a great opportunity to socialize with your neighbors, and to catch up on what’s happening in Underwood Hills. The brewery is located at 2323 Defoor Hills Rd.

Agenda Officer Reports Quik Trip Update Ashkouti Property Update Vote for Vacant Positions (Treasurer, Membership, Social, Beautification) Vote on 2014 Budget New Business

To simplify things for everyone, we are changing how we collect membership dues. Instead of payment being due one year from when it was last paid (which varies from person to person), membership dues will be good for the UHNA Fiscal Year (January – December), regardless of when paid.

That means EVERYONE’S dues are due now, if you wish to support your neighborhood financially. Join or renew now.

Note: if you paid in the last three months of 2013, your dues will be good for 2014 too.  Dues are not a requirement of membership.  Please email Kristin Olson with any questions.

At our November meetings, there were four positions left vacant after the elections.  Get to know your neighbors better and feel a sense of pride and community by getting involved with the Neighborhood Association!  Contact Elizabeth Spangler if you are interested in filling one of these positions.  They will be voted upon again at the January meeting.  We welcome volunteers on any of the committees, as well.  In particular, we need someone who can be our point person for Advertising on the UH website and in these eNewsletters.

Treasurer – The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the books and accounts of the Association, filing any necessary tax returns, and disbursing funds in accordance with the direction of the Steering Committee.

Membership – The Membership Chair is responsible for maintaining the membership list, along with the Secretary, and for increasing membership awareness, participation, and dues payment.

Social/Welcome – The Social Chair shall provide for social activities (i.e., Spring Social) for the neighborhood and welcome new residents.  (We have someone who handles the Welcome part of this committee.)

Beautification/Park – The Beautification Chair is responsible for organizing park, neighborhood entrance, and other common area clean ups and beautification, as well as any other initiatives in this regard.

Minutes from this months meeting. Click here to download.

UHNA Special Meeting April 15, 2013

Start: 7:10pm

Attendance: 41 at meeting start, 43 at meeting end

Moment of Silence for families affected by the Boston Marathon bombings

Quik Trip – Represented by Patrick Connor

QT is pursuing parking variance to increase their number of spaces at the proposed site at Howell Mill and Defoors Avenue. Currently have 17 parking spaces. Currently the city is counting pumps as part of the parking count. QT is asking the city not to count pumps as parking spaces. Noted there will be a 3 foot wall along Howell Mill Noted the new site plan falls under the Beltline restrictions – store has pedestrian access onto Howell Mill, pumps are moved to the back of the lot, trees and sidewalks will be installed. Heather Hubble noted the UHNA Planning Committee voted to deny this variance application. Heather Hubble motioned to oppose the request. Motion was seconded. 37 opposed 5 in favor 0 in abstention QT will meet with the NPU next Tuesday night.

Defoor Station Apartments

Heather Hubble’s opening comments: Clarified that they could build 211 apartments right now (from approved 1997 site plan) under their current zoning. The UHNA Planning Committee has worked with the developer to produce a 10 page private agreement that places more restrictions on them than original zoning. Some of the restrictions include: restricted building heights, number of buildings, setbacks to 40 feet with landscape buffer, upgraded sidewalks, fencing location and appearance restrictions, lighting to be cut off fixtures, contribution to the neighborhood of approximately $5600 to help neighborhood’s traffic study, created construction liaison. Agreement binds them into site plan shown tonight, elevations, and sidewalk design. Agreement says UHNA can review and make comments on the 50% construction set at the engineer’s office Zoning Conditions to be included in the Rezoning Application Maximum number of residential units shall be 236 units A 40 foot (40’-0”) building setback from the property line shall be required from street Right-of-Ways and Single Family Residential Land Parcels. This setback shall include a minimum of a 20 foot (20’-0) landscape buffer starting at the property line. The streetscape shall consist of a minimum of a three (3) foot plant strip located at the back of the curb and a minimum of a four (4) foot concrete sidewalk located at the back of the planting strip. At locations where installation of the new streetscape will result in greater than thirty (30) percent of impact on a trees root zone of a tree greater than fifteen (15) inches in caliper, the existing sidewalk may remain and the planting strip shall not be installed. Refer to Sheet S “Sidewalk Exhibit” for specific streetscape details. All entry signage shall be restricted to a 5 foot (5’-0”) height. All buildings shall be a maximum of 3/4 story split level, except for the buildings located on Defoor Avenue, which shall be restricted to 2/3 story split level. All exterior building lighting, parking lighting, and accent lighting shall utilize cut-off light fixtures that are directed away from Davis Circle, Davis Street, Defoor Avenue, and are directed towards the ground. Adherence to the amended site plan shall be a condition of the RG-2-C rezoning.· Questions and Comments of note: Ballpark construction timeline – Start in 8 months with a 13 month construction duration. RAM will manage the property. Gated but no 24/7 security. All market rate housing. No Section 8. Heather Hubble noted that UHNA Planning Committee recommends approving the zoning request considering the private agreement with developer. Called a motion to end questions was made, seconded, and approved (3 opposed) Called a motion that UNHA approves zoning change with stated conditions and private agreement. Motion was seconded. Discussion of Motion called by Eva. Seconded. Eva prefers this be a park but will vote for this plan because it’s better than the old plan. Motion to vote. Second. 28 in favor 12 opposed 3 abstentions Majority vote is to approve. Developer will now take this to the NPU next Tuesday night and then to the zoning board.