Meeting Notes UHNA General Meeting

March 9, 2015, Defoor Centre

Officer Reports:

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Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association

July 13, 2015 – 7:00PM → Read more

Due to rain predicted for Saturday, the 2015 UHNA Spring Social has been moved to Sunday, April 26 from 4PM-7PM in Underwood Hills Park. Come get to know more of your neighbors in our beautiful park. There will be food and drinks, as well as a bounce house for the kids and a raffle. Raffle tickets are $2 each, or 3 for $5. Lots of local businesses and individuals have chipped in to make this a great event. Check out some of the prizes:

Chick-fil-A party pack courtesy of Chick-fil-A Howell Mill Willy’s party pack courtesy of Willy’s Howell Mill Ormsby’s Gift Cards & Swag courtesy of Ormsby’s Flip Burger Gift Card courtesy of Flip Burger Howell Mill Verde Gift Cards courtesy of Verde Taqueria $100 Florist Atlanta Gift Card courtesy of Florist Atlanta 5 Seasons Happy Hour for 10 courtesy of 5 Seasons Westside Underwood Hills Flag Strongbox West Passes courtesy of Strongbox West Two $50 gift certificates for VHS to DVD conversion courtesy of Abracadabra Video CrossFit North Atlanta passes and BodPod assessment courtesy of CrossFit North Atlanta Monogrammed Item courtesy of Keeping You In Stitches 2 Weekday nights in the Rockhouse cottage in Dahlonega courtesty of Tawn Chi Platter of Sandwiches & Sides courtesy of Lunch Box Atlanta

Other Donations Provided By:

Beer provided by Monday Night Brewing Pittypat’s Porch BBQ dinner made possible by a donation from Allen & Natalie Shpigel Beverages provided by Circle K Chattahoochee Avenue


LaAmistad is a 501(c)3 providing after school mentoring and tutoring for the students of local schools. They are in need of volunteers.

Since 2001, LaAmistad After School has experienced exponential growth in supporting Latino students throughout the Atlanta/Buckhead area. A program that started with a little over 30 students as a ministry of Peachtree Presbyterian Church, is now supporting over 200 students throughout 6 different after school locations as a 501(c)3 non profit.

LaAmistad supports Latino students and their families by providing a comprehensive support system through tutoring, mentoring, and resources that promotes academic, physical and personal growth.

When our students receive the appropriate support, they have an opportunity to succeed. Get involved now! There are many ways to get involved with LaAmistad and the families it serves. There is no need to be bilingual or have a teaching background.

• Volunteer as a tutor or a mentor at any of our program locations • Plan a school supply drive • Host a Back to School Bash or similar fundraiser • Be a volunteer greeter at any of our sites

Make a donation to LaAmistad! For more information, go to You may also e-mail or call 404-842-5873.

In order to register Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association as a 501 (c)(4) social welfare organization, changes to the UHNA Bylaws have been proposed.  The changes will be voted upon at the general meeting on March 9, 2015 at 7PM at the Defoor Centre. The redlined version of the proposed by-laws can be downloaded as a PDF.

A hearty hello from your friendly new Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association’s membership coordinator (try saying that five times really fast). My name is Ivy Holliman Way. My family and I have had the privilege to call Claremont Street home for two and a half years.

I write today to ask you to renew your membership with the UHNA. Many of you have already received an email from me, asking you to renew. Thanks to you who have already responded!

What does the UHNA do, you ask? The UHNA is a Georgia non-profit corporation and is our official, public face to the community, developers, and to the city as a whole. We communicate with our Atlanta City Councilwoman Felicia Moore and participate in our local Neighborhood Planning Unit. We negotiate with developers coming into the area on achieving plans that are considerate and mindful of our neighborhood’s needs. We have many committees and volunteers (and welcome more!) that devote their time to making Underwood Hills a better place.

Many of you might also be active members and contributors on the Nextdoor website. This is the online social media website that works a little like Facebook for neighborhoods. It’s a great way to let folks know about a missing pet, or if you have items for sale, or need a service recommendation. That said, Nextdoor does not serve in an official capacity and cannot represent us in city discussions as UHNA can. It is a powerful statement to go before various city committees and be able to say, “The UHNA is a neighborhood organization, several hundred members STRONG, who live and work in this city.”

The UHNA has recently changed its membership dues to expire at the end of each calendar year, thus all members need to renew each year, starting in January. This makes for much easier bookkeeping than trying to remember whether one signed up in May or September.

If you are reading this, then you already receive our eNewsletter. Good for you! Got a new neighbor? Please forward this eNewsletter to them. And while you’re at it, take those new neighbors an apple pie. Unless you’re a terrible baker, in which case, maybe a new houseplant would be a better idea. Or maybe you’ve got some not-so-new neighbors, but one of your New Year’s resolutions was to be more friendly. Introduce yourself! (no need for pie). Tell them about the UHNA! Maybe you can “hang out” with your new neighbor friends at the next UHNA General Meeting.

How do you know if your membership is current or not? Simple. If you have not renewed since January 1st, 2015, you’re due to renew! Please go to to join or renew. From our website, you can join in a few easy ways: via PayPal, or by printing and mailing a paper membership form (and check, if you wish) to our UHNA mailbox (PO Box 19914, Atlanta, GA 30325). Please make sure to update your contact information so I can keep current membership files. Membership dues, currently $15 for individuals and $30 per family, rank as one of the best deals in town. That’s cheaper than a night out at the movie theatre. You must be a member to vote at UHNA general meetings. The dues, while not a requirement to join or renew, do help to cover organization expenses and allow us to host a fantastic Neighborhood Spring Social, perform neighborhood and park cleanups, host other social events, and be an active force within our community.

We are a neighborhood of approximately 700 homes, condos, townhouses, apartments, and businesses. (By the way, the 700 number is a total guesstimate on my part from eyeballing Google maps. I was not nominated for this position for my math savvy). As of January 24th, we have 44 current individual and family UHNA members. That means there are about 206 comrades in our neighborhood with lapsed memberships, and lots of friends and neighbors who I’ve yet to reach.

I look forward to hearing from you and to serving you in the year to come.

Sincerely, Ivy Holliman Way

Below is an application to “convert 15,000 sf of industrial space to fitness” at 2160 Hills Avenue NW.


This video series from the Atlanta BeltLine provides an up close and personal view of the BeltLine, how it is utilized in many people’s everyday lives, and how it positively affects the many citizens of Atlanta.

11/10/14 Meeting Notes:

Fire Dept. Scott Blackwell

Breakfast with Bravest Nov 22

Marriot Lenox $50 Tickets awards ceremony for fire department valor/FF of the year award

Behind a FireTruck, Trucks must pass cars on the Left Side.

Don’t Fry a Turkey Inside. Don’t over fill. Water makes grease pop up. Do it in a covered area, (rain/snow).

Fire Station remodeled new lockers, new floor, paint in/outside. Invite to come over and see it.  Need a new location, for drive thru, male/female accommodation

Intro Alvin Cox, Sgt..

Police Dept Major Van Hobbs

Zone2 = 40sqr miles

Be a Hard Target. Be aware.

Beat Longevity is much shorter. They don’t know which cars are supposed to be there.

Huff Road Car Jackings Alonto & Elionto Wilson

Safety Checks make it uncomfortable for the crooks

Change in Crime Pattern

Trunk Abductions only in Zone2

2500 Center St

Zone4 goes to Zone 6 EAV rob here in Zone2

Robbery Task Force, CID LT on each zone on the taskforce

400 Felons have committed 7000 Crimes.. most people have committed 10 crimes before being caught.. so 70,000 crimes

PredPol Predictive Policing “minority report” predictive function every 8 hrs 500’x500′ box where you going to have a crime “mission”.

Camera Guru  Lt Browning Tag Readers


Treasurer Ryan – Spring social cost 50% of the budgeted cost. Helped cover reorg legal fees

Quorum, might not have enough..

Reorg is complete. Easier to file taxes.


President  Kristin Olsen 22 Yea No other nominations

VP Keri Conley19 Yea No other nominations  Keri abstains 😉

Secretary 20 Yea No  nominations No abstentions

Treasurer Ryan Sheets 19 Yea No  nominations No abstentions

Planning Heather Hubble 19 Yea No nominations No abstentions

NPU Rep Eva Nason, Ben Hudgens

Communications Bart Nason 20Yea No nominations No abstentions

Social Chirs LeCraw 20 Yea No nominations No abstentions

Membership Ivy Way 20 Yea No nominations No abstentions

Advertising  Eugene Gassman No nominations No abstentions

Beautification No nominations No abstentions Might ask Keith Smith

Park No Chair Nominations  Molly Epstein/Jenna Schuh

Traffic Larry Culbertson 20 Yea No nominations No abstentions 678.637.1899

Elections Adam Karcze 20 Yea No nominations No abstentions

Ashkoute Development

trying to close the loan this week. If close they will break ground afterwards. Solved the sewer issues. 

QuikTrip Letters BZA Letters, Meeting, Petition

ABI Atlanta Beltline Inc.  was deferred until January. SAP Process. SAP approved, with 7 variances granted by City, being appealed by the City. Not in compliance with the Beltline. Planning Meeting at Trinity Church Thursday Night.

Special Administrative Permit