It’s time for our annual dues drive. Every September we ask the members of our community to show support by paying dues. The money is used support a myriad of neighborhood activities (see the list below). Please do your part this year by filling out the Membership Form included in this newsletter and sending it with your check. We ask that you do this by October 31st so we can budget properly and make 2010 the best year yet for Underwood Hills.

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Aug 31

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Aug 31


7.20.09 UHNA Neighborhood Association Meeting

Executive Committee

President: Danny Moore (

Vice President: Arthur Silbert (

Secretary: Scott Hardesty (

Treasurer: Bobbie Munroe (



Notes from UHNA President

Thank you to Atlanta Brewing Company for hosting neighborhood meeting Danny thanked Ron Horgan for contributing food to the Spring Social.  Ron is the Executive Chef at Ansley Golf Club and has provided his catering services to UHNA and Berkeley Park in the past.  For more about Ron’s contributions, see Eva’s write up in recent UHNA Newsletter. Thanks to vendors for donating Door Prizes Thanks to all who coordinated and contributed Danny distributed the City of Atlanta yard trimming and recycling schedule

Danny welcomed new neighbors Maggie Rentz at 4 White St. and Charlie Moon at DeFoor Place

News from Felicia Moore (City Council District 9)

Felicia couldn’t make it to the meeting.

Farewell to Mindy Petzer

Mindy, her husband Steve and daughter Mary are moving to Sandy Springs.  Mindy has led as the Crime Watch Coordinator and has coordinated Park Clean Up work at the corner of Harper and DeFoor.  She also formed the Neighborhood Watch Program that enables residents to report safety, public works and crime issues.  Danny recognized Mindy for her many contributions and presented a plaque of appreciation from the neighborhood.

New Steering Committee and Subcommitee Assignments

Grayson Daughters takes over from Mindy as the Crime Watch Coordinator. Arthur Silbert is the new UHNA Discuss moderator. Traci Hart is responsible for coordinating landscaping at Woodland Hills and Collier.  We need a volunteer to maintain the corner at Harper and DeFoor, so please contact Danny if you’re interested. Traci also takes over as Pet List Coordinator to match lost animals to owners; Children’s Playgroup Adrienne Hardesty has turned turning over children’s playgroup responsibility to Candace Selby.

More Volunteers Needed for Important Neighborhood Tasks

Need volunteers to manage publication and distribution of the UHNA Newsletter.  The Newsletter Coordinator collects content from the Executive and Steering Committees and delivers to the printer.  If you are interested, please contact Danny at UHNA needs a Partnership Coordinator to advocate the Newsletter and website to merchants and others who wish to advertise.  The role involves communicating rates and terms to prospective advertisers and communicating how to pay Bobbie (Treasurer).

Treasurer’s Report – Bobbie Munroe

UHNA has just under $2,000 available. Bobbie explained the importance of advertising as a source of revenue. She also said that 25% of households have paid dues.   The dues are  $30 per household and $15 for individuals.  Contact Bobbie at or go to website to print application and get instructions on how to send your check. Watch for membership and dues drive in September.

Traffic Update (Kristen Hassell)

Formed Traffic Committee last year to collect neighborhood feedback and streamline communication. Traffic beacons, sidewalks installed, cutting back overgrowth, replace signs, communicating with City officials to improve sightlines and improve pedestrian safety. Kristen explained the reason for the work stoppage at Harper and DeFoor halted and told the group how she, Danny and Eva collaborated with the City to modify the plan to avoid a curb  island.   Please see the July Newsletter for more information on the purpose and accomplishments of the Traffic Committee.  If you are interested in traffic or pedestrian safety issues, please contact Kristen directly at Abby Monaco has volunteered her services to draft a landscaping plan for the corner of Harper and DeFoor.  The Executive Committee will engage Abby to review plans.

New Running/Walking Group

Lynn Rieck and Dwight and Leah Thomas have formed the Underwood Hills Runners Group.  The group meets every Tuesday night at 6:30 at the UHNA Park.  Runners of all abilities are welcome; the distances vary from 3 to 10 miles and the pace also varies from “just getting started” to “improving my pace.”  There are no membership fees. Sign up for group emails at or call Lynn at 404-352-5321.

Cynthia Williams

Report on Fire Station reopening; encourages neighborhood to recognize firefighters (extra furniture, for example).  Fund Drive started to renovate Fire Station.  Cynthia will report details on uhna discuss.

Park News

Danny briefed group on Jenna’s nomination to Park Pride award and on the new piece of playground equipment. There is a party on 9/26 from 11-1 at UHNA Park to celebrate 25 years of Park Pride 10/10 from 8 to 12am is the next Park Clean Up Debbie Whitlock is coordinating a “buy-a-brick” drive to raise money for the Park.  Please see the July Newsletter for more information.

New business and Q&A

Tara Campbell told us about a new Veterinarian, Brian Berger, who owns Pet Well.

Wesley Knapp stopped in to tell us about his plans to run for City Council Post 2 At Large.  He and his family live in East Lake and he is a graduate of Ga Tech.

Cynthia told us about the Mayoral Candidate Debate scheduled for 7pm on 9/16 at Puritan Mill.

Aug 31

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Aug 31

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