Apr 26


Underwood Hills Community Survey Results

By: Heather Sheets, UHNA President

Last Spring, the UHNA conducted a Survey Monkey Neighborhood Community Research study to align on your needs, wants and opportunities for improvements. While these results were shared in one of our Quarterly UHNA General Meeting, we wanted to share the information and feedback we received from each of you in more detail.

We received 80 unique responses to the survey. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond! The complete results are published here. Although the responses represent a relatively small sample size, and over 70% of the respondents have lived in the neighborhood 4+years.

While minimal feedback was received, the survey results confirmed the UHNA Steering Committee is indeed focused on the issues perceived as most important by the majority of the community; however, I believe the results also indicate:

We need to continue our focus and efforts around traffic & safety, educate and inform the neighborhood with consistent updates from both our Security Patrol and our Police Force; Specifically, in terms of development in and around the area, we need to continue to collaborate with the surrounding businesses and apartment complexes to help address our traffic, safety and beautification needs; We need to do a better job educating you about the roles and responsibilities of the UHNA and continue to aggressively staff our council to ensure we can handle the neighborhood concerns that may arise as our area continues to grow and develop. Roughly 24% of you feel we do not have enough power to make our concerns heard by the City; Most people recognize that maintaining the character of the neighborhood (which is what attracts people/enhances property values to begin with) is important, but many voiced a desire for additional ways we can maintain the beauty of the entrances, formalize the entrances and uphold higher standards for overall cleanliness; You’ve also requested additional social events that expand beyond what we do to support families, and The majority of you feel that a combination of membership fees, sponsorships and fundraisers are all excellent ways that we can continue to source funding the UHNA and our efforts on behalf of the Neighborhood.

Thank you for your feedback, as this helps to influence and guide the needs of you the neighbors and what collectively we need to focus on as a neighborhood organization this year.

Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association General

Meeting Agenda

January 9, 2016 – 7:00PM

Red Brick Brewery

I. Meeting was called to order by President Heather Sheets at 7:10pm]

II. Several 1st time attendees present, recognized, welcomed.

III. Community Developments

a. McKittrick Simmons/Sweetwater Holdings updated on various plans: continued transition of Defoor Hills industrial area into offices, retail. Working on a client/redevelopment for old Cagle chicken plant property. Branding efforts re “Upper Westside”.

b. NCA/NPU update from Eva Nason: no NPU mtg in December. NCA meetings continue monthly with current focus on providing forum for Mayoral candidates per meeting.

IV. Officer & Committee Reports

a. Membership: Ivy Way reported that all residents are due for 2017 renewal. At the time of this meeting there were only approx 35 paid households. Will continue to publicize the need for 2017 Renewals on NextDoor, Newsletters, etc.

b. Treasurer: Michael Arndt has taken over from previous Treasurer, still working to complete a full transition.

c. Sponsorships: Kristin Olson announced our current 2017 sponsors:


1. Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning

2. The Preschool at Northside Drive Baptist Church

3. Charlie Ballard, Realtor


1. The Sitter Tree

2. Arbor Pest Management

3. CrossFit Atlanta


1. Comfort Shield Heating & Air Conditioning


1. Florist Atlanta

v. Promotional products (UH flags, koozies) are still available for purchase.

vi. Still need volunteers to help with UH Communications (ex: website, newsletters)

d. Land Use & Planning: Ben Hudgins reported that Howell Mill Corridor CID is progressing.Also identified the need for residents to obtain arborist check of the trees along Seaboard that are in the back of the apartments facing Collier with a view to petitioning the owner to remove the problem trees. (one fell across Seaboard into the Vollmer’s yard and knocked out power to the street). Plans to be refined at next UH Steering Committee meeting.

e. Traffic & Safety

i. Safety : Heather (for Michael McLaughlin) ‐ Security Patrol continues to function. We need to define the subscription period and start planning for 2017 renewals as well as prorated fee structure for new members.

ii. Traffic: Beau Grant ‐ still trying to recruit interested residents willing to form a Traffic Planning Committee, as a step towards developing a Traffic Plan for Underwood Hills. Interested members should email Beau at bryangrant4@gmail.com . Update planned for next UNHA meeting.

V. New Business

a. President Heather Sheets plans to report back on the Feedback Survey of residents from 2016. This will allow us to better define and prioritize 2017 UNHA plans.

VI. Thank you to Red Brick Brewery for hosting

VII. The next UNHA meeting will be on Monday, March 13, 2017 at 7:00pm. Location to be advised.

VIII. Meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm

The Underwood Hills Park Teen Committee has received a matching grant from Park Pride for $2400 to install exercise equipment for all to enjoy in our park! In addition to the Park Pride grant, they’ve received a $500 grant from Disney and have raised an additional $500+ from neighborhood businesses and benefactors. These are very competitive grants and we are so proud of Mia and Nora Epstein for this! They had to present to the Park Design Committee at the City of Atlanta to have this project approved. Go girls!

Now, we need to raise the matching funds for the purchase and installation of the equipment. This equipment will be suitable for many ages and abilities and will help build balance, strengthen the core, and enhance flexibility. The equipment will be installed on the flat, mulched surface behind the tire swing and next to the tennis courts. Click these links for details on the equipment and manufacturer.

The Teen Committee is raising funds, in part, by selling commemorative bricks. Your donation to Park Pride is fully tax deductible. Park Pride is a 501c3 organization and you will receive a receipt to confirm your donation. All proceeds from the brick campaign will go toward purchasing this equipment.

Your engraved brick will become part of the park landscape near the pavilion. The 4″x8″ brick’s message may contain up to three lines of 12 characters each, and the cost is $150 or $250 for two bricks. The bricks will be ordered on February 1, 2017 and will be installed by mid-March. You may use this order form to secure your brick today! If you don’t want a brick, donations of any amount are accepted by visiting Park Pride’s website and selecting Underwood Hills Teen Committee from the drop-down menu.

If you have any questions or you have a teenager who’d like to join the Teen Committee, email us at uhadmin@underwoodhills.org.

Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association Minutes of the General Meeting November 14, 2016 – 7:00PM

1. Meeting was called to order by Kristin Olson, President.

2. Community Developments a. McKittrick Simmons/Sweetwater Holdings was unable to attend as planned. b. Eva Nason updated on recent NCA & NPU activities. Last NCA meeting in September was well‐attended. One current focus is working to insure that the new Falcons stadium brings much‐needed improvement to nearby neighborhoods such as Vine City and English Avenue. Next meeting will feature a Mayoral Candidate Forum. NPU meeting on 11/22/16 will focus on developments on Marietta Street as well as election of Officers.

3. Officer & Committee Reports a. Land Use & Planning ‐ Ben Hudgins b. Traffic & Safety i. Security Patrol currently has 168 members, including some of the local apartment/condo complexes, allowing us to have 3 Patrol shifts per week. ate ii. Approval of 14 security cameras in District 9 by City Council includes 1 to be installed at Ridgeway/Harper intersection (at the Park). iii. Beau Grant volunteered to assess interest in forming a Traffic Planning Committee, as a step towards developing a Traffic Plan for Underwood Hills. Interested members should email Beau at bryangrant4@gmail.com if they are interested in participating. Update planned for next UNHA meeting. c. Underwood Hills Park Teen Committee reps updated on raising funds for new exercise equipment at the Park, with an initial goal of at least $2400 in order to receive a matching $2400 from Park Pride. Donations of at least $150 to Park Pride are encouraged and will qualify the donor for an engraved brick at the Park. Please see the NextDoor site or UNHA facebook page for more details.

4. The following nominees for the respective UNHA positions stood for election: a. President ‐ Heather Sheets b. VP ‐ Beau Grant c. Secretary ‐ Mark Kirby d. Treasurer ‐ Michael Arndt e. Planning ‐ Ben Hudgins f. NPU ‐ Eva Nason g. Membership ‐ Ivy Way h. Communications & Sponsorship ‐ Kristin Olson i. Traffic & Safety ‐ Michael McLaughlin j. Social ‐ Chris LeCraw k. Play Group ‐ Macayla Peterson l. Beautification ‐ Lindley Brahman m. Elections ‐ Adam Karcz With no positions being contested, a Motion was made to vote on the entire slate at once; Motion was seconded, and all present voted “aye”, with none opposed. Thank you to all those who stepped up to serve in 2017.

5. Thank you to Red Brick Brewery for hosting, and please support our 2016 sponsors (check them out on the UNHA website).

6. The next UNHA meeting will be on Monday, January 9th, 2017.

7. Meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm

Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association  Minutes of the General Meeting:

September 12, 2016 – 7:00PM


1. Meeting was called to order at 7:10 by Kristin Olson

2. Community Developments

a. Lori Smith discussed the November MARTA referendum to add $0.005 to the City of Atlanta sales tax collections to expand and enhance MARTA. Goal to raise $2.5B. Potential projects include Beltline Rail.

b. Erin Gallagher from Lifecycle Building Center: non‐profit, community warehouse promoting green construction and renovation. LBC sells recycled building materials, offers educational workshops. Donations accepted. Open House on 9/24.

3. Officer & Committee Reports

a. President ‐ Kristen Olson discussed UNHA Officer elections which will take place at the November 14 meeting.

i. All positions are open and available to any interested member, whether the incumbent plans to run again or not.

ii. Confirmed open positions include President and Treasurer

iii. Any members interested in standing for election should advise Adam Karcz (Elections Committee Chair).

b. Treasurer – Ryan Sheets, reported that finances are in good shape.

c. Land Use & Planning

i. Deborah Nail of Upper Westside Antiques updated the membership on her Zoning Variance request to remain at 42 parking spaces for her antiques and art gallery. UNHA Planning Committee supports this. VOTE taken by show of hands ‐ all votes were in FAVOR, no opposed.

ii. Shane Murphy & Eva Nason mentioned upcoming Northwest Community Alliance (NCA) meeting to be held Wednesday, September 21, 7PM at the Northside Church of God, 1736 Harper St (at Defoor). The agenda will include Mayoral candidates.

d. Traffic & Safety ‐ Hemant Piduru (on behalf of Michael McLaughlin) updated members on the Security Patrol. It has been in effect for 5 weeks. We still need additional members to join in order to expand coverage.

4. New Business

a. Cynthia Williams gave several updates on community involvement opportunities. Look for updates on all of these on NextDoor:

i. Our AFD Station 23 will be the featured local station during 6/17/17 city‐wide AFD open house.

ii. Atlanta Community Emergency Response Team ‐ training citizens in emergency preparedness, no cost.

5. Thank you to Red Brick Brewery and please support our 2016 sponsors:

a. 1824 DeFoor http://www.1824defoor.com/

b. Handyman of Marketing http://www.handymanofmarting.com/

c. Moncrief Heating & Air hꕶp://moncriefair.com/

d. Keller Williams Peachtree Rd ‐ Ashley Vierra http://www.ashleyvierra.kwrealty.com

e. Collier Chiropractic http://www.collierchiropractic.net/

f. Comfort Shield Heating and A/C http://www.comfortshieldhvac.com/

g. Florist Atlanta http://www.floristatlanta.biz/

h. Fusion CPA http://fusiontaxes.com/

6. Meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm

Do you love your neighborhood? Do you wish that there was more you could do to take an active role in making Underwood Hills an even more amazing place to live?

Well you’re in luck, because the UHNA elections are right around the corner. The following positions are open to all who are interested. While one person is officially elected for each position, we encourage people to get involved in the committees, as many of the steering committee positions are best handled by a few people.  With a little time from some great neighbors, we can continue to ensure Underwood Hills is a great place to live!

Please contact Adam Karcz with questions or to express interest in a position.

Executive Committee

President – Presides over the Association

VP – Fills in for President as needed, handles special projects

Secretary – Keeps official records for the Association

Treasurer – Manages the funds of the Association 

Standing Sub-Committees

Beautification – Schedule neighborhood cleanups of entrances and common areas, coordinate with Park Committee on park cleanups and events Communications – Maintains all communications and sponsorship for the Association including the website, eNewsletter, annual printed news flyer, and sponsorships.  This is best served by a committee consisting of: Sponsorship – Solicit sponsorship, keep record of sponsors, maintain sponsorship rate sheet, follow up on all new sponsor requests, receive and review sponsorship and coordinate with newsletter Webmaster – Update calendar on UHNA website, add news and announcements submitted by board members, work with Treasurer to keep hosting and domain accounts up to date, and post meeting minutes Newsletter – Collect newsletter items from committee members, edit content, publish regular eNewsletters, publish at least one printed newsletter/flyer annually

Land Use and Planning – Leads the Planning Committee, represents the interests of Underwood Hills in zoning and development related issues facing the neighborhood, coordinates code enforcement issues

Membership – Responsible for maintaining the membership list in conjunction with the Treasurer and Secretary, encourage membership in the Association, coordinate an annual membership drive

Play Group – Coordinate Play Group activities such as Friday play dates at the park, Halloween Party, Easter Egg Hunt; collect Play Group dues and deliver to Treasurer; encourage payment of Play Group dues to fund activities

Social/Welcome – Organize social activities for Underwood Hills residents (such as the annual Spring Social) and welcome new residents to the neighborhood

Traffic and Safety – Coordinate with the City of Atlanta and Underwood Hills residents and businesses to develop and maintain a safe environment in Underwood Hills, including communicating with APD contacts, posting crime reports, organizing neighborhood watch or patrol (if applicable), working with Department of Public Works on traffic related issues

Elections – Identify and/or recruit candidates to run for each elected position, educate residents on the positions available, encourage involvement in the Steering Committee

It’s official! Underwood Hills joins many other Atlanta neighborhoods with employing a private Security Patrol staffed by Atlanta Police Department officers to help ensure our safety and act as a deterrent to crime in our area. The Patrol is officially underway as of the week of August 1 and officers will be actively patrolling our neighborhood. The times and dates of shifts will not be published in advance. The intent is to staff shifts randomly and based upon current and historic crime trends. We don’t want the potential bad guys to know the schedule and work around it. We are starting with three shifts per week and may increase that as time goes on and we can continue to collect more contributions. Yard signs for Patrol members were made available this week and we encourage all to proudly and prominently display their sign. Det. Kevin Leonpacher from the Atlanta Police Department came to our July UHNA meeting and spoke about the Patrol and how it will work (www.underwoodhills.org/july-meeting-minutes). We are pleased to finally have the Patrol off the ground and want to encourage you to join if you have not already. Please consult the Security Patrol page (www.underwoodhills.org/security-patrol/) for details, FAQs, and contribution information.

Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association, Minutes of the General Meeting: July 11, 2016 – 7:00PM

I. Meeting was called to order at 7:10 by Kristin Olson

II. Community Developments a. Pam Lu presented information regarding 21st Century STEM Academy, a new K‐8 private school near Emory U, opening Fall 17. MIssion is to provide a more affordable, high‐level private school alternative. b. Update from Elizabeth Vason Hollister ( elizabeth@westsidecid.org ) from the newly formed Westside “CID” (Community Improvement District). Howell Mill Corridor businesses opt in to special CID tax, with expected $400‐500k in funds managed by a Board made up of CID‐member businesses.

III. Officer Reports a. Ryan Sheets, Treasurer, reported that finances are in good shape. With the additional Membership Dues gained at Spring Social, plus sponsorships, and expense control, we are on track to have a small surplus for the year, barring any significant unexpected expenses. Expecting a $4000 contribution from 1824 DeFoor to come later in the year.

IV. Committee Reports ‐ consider joining one of our committees! a. Ben Hudgins, Chairman of Land Use & Planning Committee advised that deferments are no longer allowed for “NPU” (Neighborhood Planning Units) decisions, Yes/No only. b. Ivy Way, Membership Chairman advised that membership is slightly up vs last year, mainly from new members gained at Spring Social. Number of UNHA Members is still a small % of total UH “NextDoor” members. Everyone keep recruiting your neighbors. c. Traffic & Safety report by Michael McLaughlin was focused on the Security Patrol project. We have raised $35k or our $40k goal and hope to have the Patrol started sometime in August. Working on securing the additional insurance coverage needed and yard signs for participants. Detective Kevin Leonpacher (14‐year APD veteran) coordinates several area Patrols and was our special guest. He described the Patrol operations in more detail. A lot of detailed information concerning the Patrol is available on the UHNA website, and be sure to check the FAQ section.

V. New Business a. Cynthia Williams gave several updates on community involvement opportunities. Look for updates on all of these on NextDoor: i. “Push Back” celebration to install the new fire engine at our local station will be held soon. ii. Atlanta Community Emergency Response Team ‐ training citizens in emergency preparedness, no cost. iii. Citizens Fire Academy, a hands‐on, 6 wk course to inform and educate Atlanta residents about their fire department and its operations. Applications are being taken.

VI. Thank you to Red Brick Brewery and our 2016 sponsors: a. 1824 DeFoor http://www.1824defoor.com/ b. Keller Williams Peachtree Rd ‐ Ashley Vierra http://www.ashleyvierra.kwrealty.com c. Collier Chiropractic http://www.collierchiropractic.net/ d. Comfort Shield Heating and A/C http://www.comfortshieldhvac.com/ e. Florist Atlanta http://www.floristatlanta.biz/ f. Fusion CPA http://fusiontaxes.com/ g. Moncrief Heating & Air http://moncriefair.com/

VII. Next UNHA meeting will be Monday, September 12, location TBA.

VIII. Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm

It’s that time of year again… our annual Spring Social is right around the corner! Save the date of Saturday, May 21 at 4pm at Underwood Hills Park for an afternoon of food, fun, music, and time with your neighbors as we celebrate our great neighborhood! There will be Underwood Hills merchandise for sale, a raffle to raise funds for the neighborhood, games for the kids, and more. If you are not a current UHNA member, you can join or renew your membership here. If you have items to contribute to the raffle or would like to sponsor the social, please contact Chris LeCraw for information on sponsorship opportunities and recognition.