Meeting Notes UHNA General Meeting

March 9, 2015, Defoor Centre

Officer Reports:

  • Ryan Sheets (treasurer) reported on the current budget, income from membership is up, sponsorship is little below but expected to pick up with recent improvements under way.

Steering Committee Reports:

  • Planning- Ben Hudgins
  • Defoor Station (1824 Defoor Ave)

An updated project plan was presented, the whole project is expected to be completed by January 2016 with the first buildings (Club House/ Leasing Center) to be finished in August 2015. Any questions should be directed to

There is currently no dedicated budget for infrastructure/ improvements in our neighborhood.  UHNA will therefore push that the impact fees will be used for sidewalks along Harper St and Harper Way from Defoor to the park.

  • QuikTrip, Howell Mill

QuikTrip presented the new plan for the project over the currently plan. Major improvements are a number of architectural details that make the former “dead” back of the building (facing Howell Mill) visually more attractive and an additional entrance integrates it into Howell Mill. Curb cuts are reduced from 4 to 3 and extensive landscaping including 55 trees and 162 shrubs that will line the street along Defoor, Howell Mill and Chattahoochee, the building and the parking area.

A lot of effort by the UHNA planning committee, appellants, and ABI led to these concessions and substantial improvements have been achieved.  It will take QT 6 months to build after all approvals are granted.

A motion was made to vote to support this current plan and new SAP over the previous SAP.  Motion seconded.  20 yeas/2 nays/0 abstentions

  • Ben Hudgins reported that UHNA will try to push for a rezoning of Howell Mill that would promote the type of developments we want to see along the corridor and will help us to preserve the character of Underwood Hills as well as manage the impact of future developments.  Expect meetings to begin soon.
  • A special thanks goes to the previous chair Heather Hubble and the members of the planning committee and all the people involved here to push both of these efforts forward.
  • Membership- Ivy Holliman Way
  • Membership numbers have increased to 82. This (still) relatively low number is in stark contrast to the activity on NextDoor, especially considering the interest people take in the activities of UHNA with regard to planning, zoning, traffic and safety as well as to maintain parks and the general appearance of the area.

NextDoor is NOT the UHNA- but helps us to communicate.” Ivy reminded us.

A sufficiently high number of members will help us to represent Underwood Hills much better and is the solid foundation in negotiations with the City, developers and other bodies.

  • Social- Chris LeCraw
  • Spring Social, the big event where neighbors meet neighbors in the park is coming up on April 25th. Chris reminded everybody that help is required to organize this, and especially that we need to talk to some local businesses for donations towards food etc.

Please contact Chris if you are willing to help.

  • Beautification- vacant
  • This position needs a chair that coordinates and helps to organize the (very few remaining) activities required to maintain the appearance of Underwood Hills.  Park is covered by efforts of Jenna Schuh and Molly Epstein.

Volunteers shall approach any member of the steering committee.

  • Traffic and Safety- vacant
  • According to Kristin Olson crime rates have gone up in in Atlanta in recent months- not isolated to one area, and we also get our “share”. Still the number of incidents is relatively low when compared to historial stats- also due to our active community that doesn’t look away but reports any suspicious activity.

If we want to get a more organized approach, we would need a volunteer to lead the efforts.

  • Communication and Sponsorship- Bartram Nason and Eugen Gassmann
  • Regular communication (the UHNA Newsletter) is ensured and NextDoor serves as a great communication platform to reach the vast majority of inhabitants of Underwood Hills. If you have a background or interest in Graphics Design and can help to compile and produce some of the material- please join the committee.
  • Sponsorship program is currently under review to re-structure it with the target to attract more local businesses. The increasing number of members and our reach into the community will make sponsorship more attractive. The money is needed to run the organization, pay for some of the activities (e.g. Spring Social) and will help us to fund necessary activities in relation to our work in Planning, Social, Beautification and Safety.

Nominations and Vote for vacant positions

  • Beautification Chair- no volunteer, position vacant
  • Traffic and Safety- no volunteer, position vacant
  • Planning Committee Chair- Ben Hugdins was nominated Chair and got an unanimous vote 22 yays/0 nays/0 abstentions.

  Bylaws Revisions

  • The UHNA bylaws have been revised several times and input from members has been integrated. The new bylaws following our new incorporation as the Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association of Atlanta, INC. have become necessary to achieve tax exempt status as a non-profit organization under section 501(c)4.

Motion was made to approve the bylaws.  Motion seconded.

The bylaws received an unanimous  vote 22 yays/0 nays/0 abstentions.

The meeting was closed at 8:27.

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