Underwood Hills and Berkeley Park will go before the Board of Zoning Adjustment on November 6 at noon to appeal the SAP variances QuikTrip has received to build another gas station at the corner of Howell Mill Rd. and Defoor Ave. This development violates numerous BeltLine Overlay zoning regulations, and the variances do not provide “equal or greater protection to the public” as required by city ordinance.

We need your help! Write to the BZA, and let them know that the QuikTrip SAP should be reversed. The BZA will make their decision only on whether the variances were properly granted, so please focus your letter to say the following:

  • The approved SAP BL-13-001 for QuikTrip allows for administrative variances that will greatly harm the public instead of protecting the public.
  • The elevations do not meet the required 65% minimum length of fenestration required by the Beltline Overlay.
  • The windows on the QuikTrip elevation use opaque images that do not meeting the Beltline Overlay requirement for windows to have a 50% transmittances.
  • There is no primary entry from Howell Mill as required by the Beltline Overlay
  • The plan does not meeting the Beltline Overlay requirement that does not allow storage within the first 20’ of the building frontage allow the primary street- Howell Mill.
  • There is more than one curb cut from each street, which is not allowed by the Beltline Overlay.
  • The width of the curb cuts is over 24’, which is not allow unless permitted by the commissioner of public works.
  • The dumpster is visible from a public right of way, which is not allow by the Beltline Overlay.
  • The approved SAP does not comply with the City of Atlanta Sign Ordinance.

You may use the Word document linked below as a template.

Sample Letter in Support of Appeal V-14-192

Please send your letter to the BZA chairs and BZA secretary, as well as the Office of Planning:

Be sure to attend the BZA hearing at noon on November 6. Wear green to show your support for Underwood Hills. The hearing will be held in Council Chambers Room. The address is:

55 Trinity Ave
Second Floor
Atlanta, GA 30303

And finally, if you haven’t signed the petition to appeal the SAP, it isn’t too late. We need as much public support as possible to let the city know that this development is wrong for our neighborhood and wrong for our city.


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