Join the Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association

The Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association is a non-profit civic organization recognized by the IRS under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(4). The Association exists to preserve and improve the quality of life of the residents of Underwood Hills. It organizes community events, advocates on behalf of the residents, and acts as a liaison to governmental entities, private businesses, and other groups on issues such as development and zoning, safety, and traffic.

Neighbors can become members of the UHNA by paying dues or completing a membership form. Membership is required to cast your vote at general meetings , so please choose from the one of the two options below to get started. The only qualifications for membership are that you own or rent a home within the boundaries of the neighborhood, as defined by our bylaws.

1. Dues Payment

Although dues are not mandatory for membership, many neighbors select a $15 (individual) or $30 (family) dues payment, valid for the calendar year in which you join, to fund popular programs such as the Spring Social, Underwood Hills Park beautification, neighbor outreach and communication tools to keep you informed about what’s going on in the ‘hood.

Paying dues is a snap. Simply select a membership type below to pay via PayPal. Or you may send a check made payable to Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association and mail it to UHNA, PO Box 19914, Atlanta, GA 30325. Please complete the form below if you pay by check. We will record the payment and remind everyone to renew annually.


Select a membership type:


2. UHNA Membership Application

Or, click here to email UHNA leaders to have a membership form emailed to you.


***PLEASE NOTE: Signing up for UHNA does NOT automatically sign you up to receive eNewsletters.  To sign up for our eNewsletters, please click here.***