Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association General

Meeting Agenda

January 9, 2016 – 7:00PM

Red Brick Brewery

I. Meeting was called to order by President Heather Sheets at 7:10pm]

II. Several 1st time attendees present, recognized, welcomed.

III. Community Developments

a. McKittrick Simmons/Sweetwater Holdings updated on various plans: continued transition of Defoor Hills industrial area into offices, retail. Working on a client/redevelopment for old Cagle chicken plant property. Branding efforts re “Upper Westside”.

b. NCA/NPU update from Eva Nason: no NPU mtg in December. NCA meetings continue monthly with current focus on providing forum for Mayoral candidates per meeting.

IV. Officer & Committee Reports

a. Membership: Ivy Way reported that all residents are due for 2017 renewal. At the time of this meeting there were only approx 35 paid households. Will continue to publicize the need for 2017 Renewals on NextDoor, Newsletters, etc.

b. Treasurer: Michael Arndt has taken over from previous Treasurer, still working to complete a full transition.

c. Sponsorships: Kristin Olson announced our current 2017 sponsors:


1. Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning

2. The Preschool at Northside Drive Baptist Church

3. Charlie Ballard, Realtor


1. The Sitter Tree

2. Arbor Pest Management

3. CrossFit Atlanta


1. Comfort Shield Heating & Air Conditioning


1. Florist Atlanta

v. Promotional products (UH flags, koozies) are still available for purchase.

vi. Still need volunteers to help with UH Communications (ex: website, newsletters)

d. Land Use & Planning: Ben Hudgins reported that Howell Mill Corridor CID is progressing.Also identified the need for residents to obtain arborist check of the trees along Seaboard that are in the back of the apartments facing Collier with a view to petitioning the owner to remove the problem trees. (one fell across Seaboard into the Vollmer’s yard and knocked out power to the street). Plans to be refined at next UH Steering Committee meeting.

e. Traffic & Safety

i. Safety : Heather (for Michael McLaughlin) ‐ Security Patrol continues to function. We need to define the subscription period and start planning for 2017 renewals as well as prorated fee structure for new members.

ii. Traffic: Beau Grant ‐ still trying to recruit interested residents willing to form a Traffic Planning Committee, as a step towards developing a Traffic Plan for Underwood Hills. Interested members should email Beau at bryangrant4@gmail.com . Update planned for next UNHA meeting.

V. New Business

a. President Heather Sheets plans to report back on the Feedback Survey of residents from 2016. This will allow us to better define and prioritize 2017 UNHA plans.

VI. Thank you to Red Brick Brewery for hosting

VII. The next UNHA meeting will be on Monday, March 13, 2017 at 7:00pm. Location to be advised.

VIII. Meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm

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