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Meeting Notes UHNA General Meeting

March 9, 2015, Defoor Centre

Officer Reports:

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Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association

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11/10/14 Meeting Notes:

Fire Dept. Scott Blackwell

Breakfast with Bravest Nov 22

Marriot Lenox $50 Tickets awards ceremony for fire department valor/FF of the year award

Behind a FireTruck, Trucks must pass cars on the Left Side.

Don’t Fry a Turkey Inside. Don’t over fill. Water makes grease pop up. Do it in a covered area, (rain/snow).

Fire Station remodeled new lockers, new floor, paint in/outside. Invite to come over and see it.  Need a new location, for drive thru, male/female accommodation

Intro Alvin Cox, Sgt..

Police Dept Major Van Hobbs

Zone2 = 40sqr miles

Be a Hard Target. Be aware.

Beat Longevity is much shorter. They don’t know which cars are supposed to be there.

Huff Road Car Jackings Alonto & Elionto Wilson

Safety Checks make it uncomfortable for the crooks

Change in Crime Pattern

Trunk Abductions only in Zone2

2500 Center St

Zone4 goes to Zone 6 EAV rob here in Zone2

Robbery Task Force, CID LT on each zone on the taskforce

400 Felons have committed 7000 Crimes.. most people have committed 10 crimes before being caught.. so 70,000 crimes

PredPol Predictive Policing “minority report” predictive function every 8 hrs 500’x500′ box where you going to have a crime “mission”.

Camera Guru  Lt Browning Tag Readers


Treasurer Ryan – Spring social cost 50% of the budgeted cost. Helped cover reorg legal fees

Quorum, might not have enough..

Reorg is complete. Easier to file taxes.


President  Kristin Olsen 22 Yea No other nominations

VP Keri Conley19 Yea No other nominations  Keri abstains 😉

Secretary 20 Yea No  nominations No abstentions

Treasurer Ryan Sheets 19 Yea No  nominations No abstentions

Planning Heather Hubble 19 Yea No nominations No abstentions

NPU Rep Eva Nason, Ben Hudgens

Communications Bart Nason 20Yea No nominations No abstentions

Social Chirs LeCraw 20 Yea No nominations No abstentions

Membership Ivy Way 20 Yea No nominations No abstentions

Advertising  Eugene Gassman No nominations No abstentions

Beautification No nominations No abstentions Might ask Keith Smith

Park No Chair Nominations  Molly Epstein/Jenna Schuh

Traffic Larry Culbertson 20 Yea No nominations No abstentions 678.637.1899

Elections Adam Karcze 20 Yea No nominations No abstentions

Ashkoute Development

trying to close the loan this week. If close they will break ground afterwards. Solved the sewer issues. 

QuikTrip Letters BZA Letters, Meeting, Petition

ABI Atlanta Beltline Inc.  was deferred until January. SAP Process. SAP approved, with 7 variances granted by City, being appealed by the City. Not in compliance with the Beltline. Planning Meeting at Trinity Church Thursday Night.

Special Administrative Permit

UHNA Meeting 9.8.14

All officers in attendance

NPU D Chair Jim Martin

Councilwoman Felicia Moore

Eva Ashkoute Report:

City will put in a lift station, alleviating need to traverse the rail line.

THen asked Ashkoute to engineer it, they would reimburse. Ashkoute engineered, then City renegged on reimbursing.

Grant: Woodland Hills Traffic Calming- Skullduggery from the City about a false traffic study. Even if it was studied, we missed the minimum speed by 0.78 mph, 34.22 mph vs 35mph

To qualify 15% of traffic must meet or exceed 10mph over the speed limit. The posted speed limit is 25mph.

311 One number to call for everything.


Whittier Mill Village Oct 18 Festival Pull the Silver Comet to the Beltway.


Presented a list of design shortcomings that should disqualify the approval of this project by the BZA. If the BZA approves this, our remaining recourse would be the courts.

Nov 6 Noon BZA meeting

*Andy Hall / Peter Drey could help.. send to Jim Martin.

Request for letter writing campaign.

Need email for the director/exec secretary of BZA

Best Hope: Quality of Life relates to property value. Requirement of ordinance to protect the public, therefore protecting Quality of Life.

WIll Greatly Harm the Public, not Protect the Public

4 driveways versus the 2 allowed in code are a public safety issue


Jerry Spangler spoke to encourage our activism against the QT

Felicia Moore- Proposed Public Infrastructure Bond Program

Where are we with NC Zoning- NC Zoning can not get a meeting with Charletta Jacks

Study is needed. Moore committed discretionary funding, so we have funding. She is not a fan of NC Zoning, wants to do something else, …unspecified what else.

Meeting Minutes for March Underwood Hills Neighborhood Meeting 3/11/14

Held at Red Brick Brewing Company

Meeting called to order at 7:05

Kristin Olson opened the meeting with an update on open UHNA positions and then asked for officer reports

Ryan – Treasurer: Provided dues update year to date

Bart – Communications: Mentioned recently distributed flyer and importance of Nextdoor

Chris – Social: Spring Social is May 3rd, time is TBD but likely mid to late afternoon. We need donations for raffle (gift cards from local businesses?) and soliciting food options/ideas. Will work on a one pager flyer to be able to show local businesses to help with asking for donations

Kristin provided an update on advertising. We have successfully added a few new advertisers who are paying month to month, but are looking for some new advertisers willing to commit to an annual contract. It would be more sponsoring the neighborhood than literal advertising.

Eva provided an update on zoning and specifically the Collier rezoning. Eva and Kristin discussed the quality of life zoning and the impacts. Hopefully this helps some with traffic, there is a height limit on buildings up against Collier and Howell Mill, have to have sidewalks put in etc. but the height limit will be higher further away from main streets.

Beau gave a brief re-introduction to a traffic proposal he proposed 6-7 years ago for the Howell Mill Corridor which can be found online on Nextdoor as well as his google drive. Wants people to look at his proposal and follow up with him with questions.

Eva gave an update on the Ashkouti development, the apartment complex that is being built on Defoor which is currently a wooded area. They now have permission to bore under the railroad for sewage. They need to get a land disturbance permits, which can take up to 90 days. Next they will need a building permit, and he told Eva they hope to break ground this summer.

Eva mentioned a sign behind the new complex being built on Collier (The Reserve) mentioned new townhomes coming starting at $600K. She brought this up to mention a larger point of importance of community sticking together and staying involved when it comes to zoning issues.

Elizabeth Skyrnecki gave a beautification update. In honor of Danny Moore the neighborhood will have a clean-up event on 3/22 from 9AM-12PM. Each street will have a dedicated captain to supply clean-up supplies and help coordinate the clean-up efforts. Danny lost his long battle with cancer last year and was a long time and revered resident of the neighborhood and former UHNA President. Please spread the word to your neighbors about this event, and after the event is over please join your neighbors for a block party at the end of Volberg Street. This will hopefully be the first of an annual event to be celebrated right around Danny’s birthday. We are still looking for street captains for Cambria, Mantissa, Seaboard Place, and possibly a co-captain for Ridgeway at this time. Please contact Elizabeth if you would like to help and be a captain for one of these streets.

The Defoor paving project is set to take place on March 24th according to the company contracted to do the job

Elizabeth also relayed that Jenna Schuh has suggested and is researching having a swinging bench at the park in honor of Danny Moore. Hope to have this funded through Paypal donations, or donations can be made to UHNA noting that it is for the bench. The estimated cost is around $1,000 and the location at the park is TBD.

Elections for open positions:

Motion to approve beautification co-chairs Jamie Hargather and John Hocutt were approved

Beau Grant nominated for secretary and approved

Adam mentioned he has started a running group and now has 8 members on Nextdoor. Hopes to start group runs and maybe one day have a neighborhood 5k

Beau spoke on crime. Said to be smart, pay attention, and report anything suspicious

Kristin said no new update on QT

Meeting adjourned at 8:02

Meeting Minutes for January Underwood Hills Neighborhood Mtng.

Held at the Red Brick Brewing Company.

Meeting called to order at 7:05.

Jim Elgar from the City (Caeser Mitchell’s office) moved to top of agenda to make presentation.

Announced appts.  Andre Dickens appt to Transportation, Utilities, and Community Development.   Felicia Moore to Chair Transportion.

Referendum for Infrastructure bond discussed.

404-330-6052 is Jim’s phone number for any questions about various committees and their functions.

City Council Assignments are posted online on the City’s website.


Treasurer-all ok, no real report

Traffic-resurfacing from Howell Mill to Collier of Defoor should start in Feb.  Speed and traffic count study done along Defoor between Howell Mill and Defoor Center.  Study showed that the number of cars counted was below threshold to do traffic calming/speed control .   Any concerns send Wyatt an email.  Mention of bike lane in front of Reserve being obliterated.

404-330-6333-Public Works number.  Report stop signs, street signs, potholes, etc.

And ask for report number.

QT report from Wyatt-summary of what went before.  Parking variance denied all along, but BZA approved it.  Private suit to appeal was filed, but the city recommendation to the City Attorney was to side with BZA.  Waiting for judge to pass down his ruling.  Can still be appealed again.  Then QT will still have to rework their site plan to conform to the various other requirements-Belt Plan, etc.

Site plan for Ashkouti development presented and discussed.  (revised)

Bottom right corner abutting Davis Circle is big change.  Eliminated storm water pond-drainage to be under railroad right of way.  Consolidated buildings in bottom left from 2 to 1.  Planning Committee still has open questions, esp. rezoning.  Can it be done Administratively or does it need to come back for new rezoning agreement.  Private agreement will need to be reworked.  Planning comm. Generally agrees, although not unanimously.

Bart-Communications.  Still need advertisers-cards available at the front of the room.  Go out and promote us!  Try to get some more advertiser

Summary of Positions:

Kristen -President

Keri Connely-VP

Neal Carnaby-Secretary

Wyatt Gordon-Traffic

Stephanie Ballard-Playgroup

Have 406 members on Next Door.  Brief overview of Next Door presented by Wyatt.

Budget Discussion.

Based on 100 members paid.  With 406 on Next Door, viewed as not a problem.

Some goals-traffic study, e.g.-are outlined but not actually budgeted.

Membership redefined as running on a calendar year rather than one year from when actually remitted.

Wyatt motioned for approval.  Neal seconded.  23 in favor.  Passed

Vote to fill open positions.  Treasurer, Beautification, Social, Membership.       Review of responsibilities for each position.


Treasurer-Ryan Sheets-wealth management background passed

Membership-Eric Oosting –tech background-passed


Social-Chris Leciw (?)  Just bought a place on Springer St. (2 volunteers to help)-passed

Toddler structure at Park still broken/missing a piece.  To be followed up on.  Urged to go to City Website-Parks and Rec. and send email.

General discussion of other neighborhood issues.

No other new business.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:53

















Minutes from this months meeting. Click here to download.

Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association General Meeting Minutes

Defoors Centre 1710 Defoor Avenue NW Atlanta, GA 30318

March 11, 2013

Attendance: 47 @ beginning of meeting

Start: 7:07 PM

Financial and Budget

General review of budget Appx $4,700 cash in bank account 97 paid members as of today. Goal of 200 43 paid members in 2012 54 paid members in 2011


Pros and Cons discussed Other nearby neighborhoods that are incorporated: Berkeley Heights, Loring Heights, Springlake, Riverside UHNA is currently incorporated. Conversation for discussion only. Motion by Heather: UHNA continue to be incorporated with condition that if a ‘no’ vote then officers allow the incorporation to lapse and not do anything with it to renew at end of this year. Yes = Maintain the incorporation No = Let it lapse and we don’t do anything with it to renew Noted that we cannot vote on anything without prior notification in newsletter (“Requiring votes of membership”: dues amount, bylaw amendments, common areas) Motion is still on the floor Hostile condition and not a friendly comment: Let it lapse and vote again in November In favor: 39 Against: 5 Abstaining: 4 Motion passes for the Association to remain incorporated


Need to create a committee to review bylaws Motion to create a committee to review bylaws and make recommendations in favor: 46 against: 0 abstain: 1 Motion passes Keri Conley will serve as Chairperson of the Bylaws committee request was made for volunteers to join Bylaws committee

Committee Reports

Membership: Who is a member? You don’t have to pay dues to be a member but need to sign up. Need to be more clear about how to become a member. (bylaws review) Total of 115 members, 97 paid, 18 not paying Spring Social is May 18. Rain day is May 19. Motion to move Defoors Ferry Rezoning item to next on agenda Unanimous vote to move it to next on agenda Motion approved Defoors Ferry Rezoning Jessica Hill – Attorney for Applicant Overview of the project presented Rezone to MR-4B – Mixed Zone Variance to reduce setbacks from required 15’ t0 7’ Conditions read by Heather Acreage: 1.75 acres. 24 units. 3 bedrooms. $400k sales price projected. Elevations: Brick at low levels, then siding. Motion to approve rezoning with stated conditions and also incorporates the variances stated in favor: 46 opposed: 1 abstain: 1 Motion approved Beautification: March 30th – Quarterly clean up – 9:00-11:00. 10 people needed. One hour. May 4 – Spring Clean Up of Park – 9:00-12:00. Hillary: Email her if you see any graffiti needing to be cleaned up Traffic Traffic study – we need one and it costs 15k Road repair – send list to Wyatt by 3/31/13. He’ll send to Felicia Moore. Communications 800 flyers passed out in the last few weeks Working on getting more signs for yards NextDoor has 275 members now. UHNA-Discuss has 269 Planning Committee Shell Station- License Review Board Meeting next Tuesday, March 19 at 5:00 (55 Trinity Ave). To encourage owner to plant trees along Shell station. Ashkouti Apartment Development – Planning to submit rezoning on March 12. Elevations shown. QuikTrip – Submitted SAP application. QT making adjustments to site plan about SAP comments. Likely on May NPU agenda. NC (Neighborhood Commercial) Zoning – Town Hall Meeting sometime soon. Planning committee meeting next Monday night at 7:30 with Berkeley Park representatives.

9:19 – Meeting Adjorns

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