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Below are the points presented at January’s UHNA General Meeting around reasons for incorporating the Underwood Hills neighborhood association, and why a re-write of our bylaws is necessary in this process. For questions regarding incorporation or the bylaw re-write, please email UHNA leadership at → Read more

It’s time for our annual dues drive. Every September we ask the members of our community to show support by paying dues. The money is used support a myriad of neighborhood activities (see the list below). Please do your part this year by filling out the Membership Form included in this newsletter and sending it with your check. We ask that you do this by October 31st so we can budget properly and make 2010 the best year yet for Underwood Hills.

Neighborhood Park                 Zoning Issues 3 Playgroups                             Crime Watch Annual Social                           Beautification of Entrances Bi-Monthly Meetings             Neighborhood Master Plan Bi-Monthly Newsletters        Traffic Control Pet Register                              Seek Support from Local Businesses Neighborhood Web site         And so much more!