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Underwood Hills and Berkeley Park will go before the Board of Zoning Adjustment on November 6 at noon to appeal the SAP variances QuikTrip has received to build another gas station at the corner of Howell Mill Rd. and Defoor Ave. This development violates numerous BeltLine Overlay zoning regulations, and the variances do not provide “equal or greater protection to the public” as required by city ordinance.

We need your help! Write to the BZA, and let them know that the QuikTrip SAP should be reversed. The BZA will make their decision only on whether the variances were properly granted, so please focus your letter to say the following:

The approved SAP BL-13-001 for QuikTrip allows for administrative variances that will greatly harm the public instead of protecting the public. The elevations do not meet the required 65% minimum length of fenestration required by the Beltline Overlay. The windows on the QuikTrip elevation use opaque images that do not meeting the Beltline Overlay requirement for windows to have a 50% transmittances. There is no primary entry from Howell Mill as required by the Beltline Overlay The plan does not meeting the Beltline Overlay requirement that does not allow storage within the first 20’ of the building frontage allow the primary street- Howell Mill. There is more than one curb cut from each street, which is not allowed by the Beltline Overlay. The width of the curb cuts is over 24’, which is not allow unless permitted by the commissioner of public works. The dumpster is visible from a public right of way, which is not allow by the Beltline Overlay. The approved SAP does not comply with the City of Atlanta Sign Ordinance.

You may use the Word document linked below as a template.

Sample Letter in Support of Appeal V-14-192

Please send your letter to the BZA chairs and BZA secretary, as well as the Office of Planning:

Danita M. Brown, BZA Chair- Martha Hall Porter, BZA Vice-Chair- Brandy Crawford, Secretary to the Board- Charletta Wilson Jacks, Director City of Atlanta Office of Planning-

Be sure to attend the BZA hearing at noon on November 6. Wear green to show your support for Underwood Hills. The hearing will be held in Council Chambers Room. The address is:

55 Trinity Ave Second Floor Atlanta, GA 30303

And finally, if you haven’t signed the petition to appeal the SAP, it isn’t too late. We need as much public support as possible to let the city know that this development is wrong for our neighborhood and wrong for our city.


Please save the date for Saturday, March 22 from 9AM until noon for our first annual Keep Underwood Hills Beautiful neighborhood wide cleanup honoring our dear friend and neighbor, Danny Moore, whose birthday is March 24. As many of you know, Danny lost his battle with cancer in late 2013. He was an enthusiastic member, supporter, and past President of the UHNA, and we feel that this is an effort of which he would be proud. During this time (or any time that day or weekend), please head out on your street to clean up leaves and debris at the curbs, identify areas that need the City’s attention, clean street signs, and assist neighbors who may need help in their own yards. Each street will have a “street captain” to coordinate efforts, as needed. UHNA will provide bags for leaves and trash.

We’ll have an informal pot luck gathering afterward at noon at the end of Volberg St to celebrate our accomplishments. Bring a dish to share and anything you might want to grill. UHNA will supply water, plates, cups and napkins.

In case of rain, the cleanup will be held Sunday, March 23 from 1PM to 4PM.

The next UHNA General Meeting will be March 10 at 7PM at Red Brick Brewery. We had a great turn out for the last meeting there, and we hope to see even more people there this time. The brewery is providing the space and beer for free. Red Brick Brewery is located at 2323 Defoor Hills Rd.

Agenda Vote for Vacant Positions New Business

From the Office of Councilmember Yolanda Adrean:

Planning will be hosting a Community Meeting and an Open House regarding the proposed re-zoning for Collier Village.  The Community meeting will be held on Monday, January 27th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Trinity Presbyterian, and the Open House will be held on Friday, January 31st from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Howell Mill Shopping Center.  Please see the meeting notice for additional details.

For additional background, here is the link to the Collier Village Blueprint Plan –, which has already been adopted and was the impetus for the re-zoning.  Also attached is the actual re-zoning legislation and corresponding map.

To show our gratitude to those who protect us, the Association, along with 5 other neighborhoods, contributed to $85 to help provide Christmas Eve dinners to Zone 2 police officers who were on duty that night.

To simplify things for everyone, we are changing how we collect membership dues. Instead of payment being due one year from when it was last paid (which varies from person to person), membership dues will be good for the UHNA Fiscal Year (January – December), regardless of when paid.

That means EVERYONE’S dues are due now, if you wish to support your neighborhood financially. Join or renew now.

Note: if you paid in the last three months of 2013, your dues will be good for 2014 too.  Dues are not a requirement of membership.  Please email Kristin Olson with any questions.

At our November meetings, there were four positions left vacant after the elections.  Get to know your neighbors better and feel a sense of pride and community by getting involved with the Neighborhood Association!  Contact Elizabeth Spangler if you are interested in filling one of these positions.  They will be voted upon again at the January meeting.  We welcome volunteers on any of the committees, as well.  In particular, we need someone who can be our point person for Advertising on the UH website and in these eNewsletters.

Treasurer – The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the books and accounts of the Association, filing any necessary tax returns, and disbursing funds in accordance with the direction of the Steering Committee.

Membership – The Membership Chair is responsible for maintaining the membership list, along with the Secretary, and for increasing membership awareness, participation, and dues payment.

Social/Welcome – The Social Chair shall provide for social activities (i.e., Spring Social) for the neighborhood and welcome new residents.  (We have someone who handles the Welcome part of this committee.)

Beautification/Park – The Beautification Chair is responsible for organizing park, neighborhood entrance, and other common area clean ups and beautification, as well as any other initiatives in this regard.

In January, the Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association (UHNA) Membership Committee’s Welcome Wagon rolled out to greet five new households to the neighborhood. Cynthia Williams and Amy Panos, pictured above visiting new neighbor, Jamie Bell, kicked off the season by welcoming the recent arrivals in this year’s first visit.

The Welcome Wagon Team, led by Cynthia Williams, identifies new arrivals and plans quarterly visits to their homes to provide a welcome packet with essential information about Underwood Hills and a complimentary flower bouquet donated by a neighborhood business, Florist Atlanta. We are fortunate to have Florist Atlanta as a partner, so please remember to visit them at the shop tucked in the corner at White St. and Howell Mill Rd.

In addition to the flowers, the team includes a welcome note, a map of the West Midtown Design district and tips on how to stay informed of social events and happenings around the neighborhood.

If you know of new neighbors to Underwood Hills, or would like to join the Welcome Wagon on their next visit, please contact Cynthia at

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