Special Meeting of the Underwood Hills Neighborhood Association
Minutes – August 17, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:03 PM

Kristin Olson, President, welcomed everyone, purpose of meeting is to take vote on Howell Mill Corridor rezoning

No officer reports

Kristin explained history and purpose of rezoning effort – safer, more walkable, attract more desirable businesses

Kristin introduced Ben Hudgins, Planning Committee Chair, and Karl Smith-Davids, Principal Planner with the City of Atlanta, to talk on Howell Mill Corridor rezoning

Karl – Team walked entire corridor, met with neighborhoods and other stakeholders, drafted legislation for MRC-2-C zoning that is beneficial to businesses, residents, and property owners

Key benefits – restricting specific uses, heights on buildings 35 ft within 60 ft of residential, create further setback requirement along Howell Mill which allows for future road and traffic improvements, limited curb cuts with only egress allowed on Howell Mill if property can be accessed by a side street, easements required for adjacent properties for interparcel connectivity

Ben – Goal is to protect the single family homes, and also make it more neighborhood feel than interstate feel. Restricted to current amount of fast food and auto related businesses. Existing businesses grandfathered in so changes will occur with redevelopment

Q & A –

Billboards only allowed in industrial properties, no new billboards will be allowed with new zoning, current ones are grandfathered until redevelopment of parcel

Why not restrict gas stations to existing two locations rather than two locations in the quadrant? Legally cannot do that

No monetary incentives in rezoning for new development, but encourages development as developers like having more certainty around what can be developed at neighboring properties plus they will not have to go through rezoning unless they want to do something outside of what this allows; thus reducing their risk

Does gas station limitation prohibit electric charging stations from being added to other properties? – Almost certain does not, but will double check and change language if needed.

Rezoning doesn’t apply to renovation/expansion of existing property unless 60% or more of the building is significantly renovated (i.e., addition or reduction of size)

Increased building setbacks allow for flexibility for future traffic needs along Howell Mill (ex: adding lane, bike lane, street parking etc.)

Karl and Kristin explained how this zoning is more stringent than Beltline Overlay District and far fewer items can be administratively varied

Eva Nason, UH NPU-D representative, spoke on how the City made more accommodations to the zoning ordinance after ongoing discussions with the neighborhood than she expected. She was considering abstaining from the vote, but with all the City has done to take into consideration the wants and needs of the neighborhood, she felt compelled to vote in favor.

Motion to vote in favor of the Howell Mill Corridor rezoning legislation (Z-14-024), seconded

31 Yay
0 Nay
1 Abstention

Will be brought up and voted on at next NPU meeting next Tuesday the 25th

Next UHNA meeting will be at Red Brick (location not 100% confirmed as of meeting date but planned) on September 14th at 7PM

APD Officer Tyler Thomas introduced himself as new resident of neighborhood, will be living on Springer St. He will speak at next meeting and will create an email address for neighbors to send questions and concerns and he will act as our liaison between the neighborhood and APD (specifically, Zone 2 and beat 204)

Meeting adjourned at 7:57 PM

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